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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout B2

Here is today's workout:

Deadlift - 2X15 @ 38lbs.
I just got a barbell set and it has made deadlifts so much easier (form wise) than with dumbbells. I can definately lift heavier next time. I was being conservative since I was having so many form problems before. Getting a barbell seems to have solved that problem. I will start with another 10lbs next time and go from there.

Shoulder Press - 1X8 @15lbs and 1X10 @12lbs.
These things are not my friend! I get fatigued so quickly doing them and then as soon as I stop I feel like I could do 5 more. I don't know if I should take a short break in the middle of each set and them finish up the set or if I should just go with what I can do at one time. I'd drop weight but I have yet to feel fatigued or sore the next day as a result of these??

Pullover - 2X15@17lbs
This was definitely my max weight on this and I will not be increasing it next time! I did it, but just barely.

Lunge - 1X15@BW and 1X8@BW
Lunges are evil and I hate them. Plain and simple. I also suck at them HOWEVER today was tons better than before and I can totally tell that my strength is increasing. I might even start using weights pretty soon!

Swiss Ball Crunch - 1X10@10lbs on chest, 1X10@15lbs on chest
Next time I will start doing these with weights overhead instead of on my chest.

Food so far today:
I had a major carb craving when I got up this morning so breakfast consisted of

Scooter Cereal (3g), soymilk (6g) and baked oatmeal (6g)

My immersion blender broke so there is no protein shake in the cards today for PWO so I will have protein bar instead (20g) and a shake for my afternoon snack.

Lunch consisted of a PB&J sandwich(15g) and a banana (1g)

Snack - 2.5oz roast (28g), whole wheat roll (6g)

Snack - protein shake (14g) with soy milk (6g) and blueberries (1g)

Dinner - Chili (19g) (Total = 125g)

I will probably have a snack tonight. I have some errands to run and then I will probably go running depending on how cold it is.

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