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Consistent practice equals consistent progress.


Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start.


Monday, June 30, 2008


That is what the scale read today. I am quite excited. After two weeks of fluctuating at the same weight I switched up my workouts and switched to a different fasting plan and I have finally dropped below 220!

I broke up my workout and am doing the strength portion and one of the circuits in the morning and then in the evening I have been doing the other circuit. (Sometimes I set the Gymboss for tabata style and just pick random exercises for 10 or 15 minutes.)

I have also picked up the pace when I walk the dog. (Much to her dismay!) Since I am now thinking of that as part of my workout, I have been doing it more regularly. (I think she has mixed feeling about that!)

I went from the Eat Stop Eat style of fasting to a 16/8 split daily. Doing low carb, the 16/8 split has been easier to maintain!!

So there is what I did to break my plateau. Hopefully I won't have to worry about it for a while now. I would like to see the 100's by August 15th!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another Example of Why the DoD is a Big Fat Liar!

If you don't know what the DoD is then check out this post.

Since February I have lost 13 pounds. Not too bad, but not too impressive either. Now here is where the DoD can make great progress seem not so great.

At my lowest weight of recent years I was 185 in 2005 and had JUST gotten into a 16W. This 16W was not the most comfortable in the world but it fit and I was happy! I hadn't been in a 16W since before my oldest son was born. It was a great milestone! Just 5 pounds earlier, at 190, I was in a comfortable 18W. I went to the gym; I did a lot of yoga, pilates, elliptical and machines. I was a gym rat. I was there everyday for at least an hour but usually closer to 2 hours. I loved the gym and all was well and good.

Then life struck and my 2 hour a day gym habit and obsessive Weight Watchers point counting went out the window. I gained back 50 of the 70 pounds I had lost.

Fast forward to today. I am currently in a snug but comfortable 18 Misses (and if you don't know, 18W and 18Misses are totally different sizes, misses are less hip-y). I workout 3 to 4 days a week doing heavy lifting and kettlebell work. The closest thing I get to cardio work (other then my kettlebells) is walking the dog each night. I spend 30 - 40 minutes on each workout session, sometimes splitting the session into two 15 - 20 minute workouts if scheduling is an issue. Now I count carb grams instead of points, far less math involved!

So it would appear that I am in a similar position as I was in 2005, almost in a 16W. One might assume that my weight is similar also. That is where the real deception of the DoD becomes apparent. Today I stepped on the scale and it read 221.8. Almost 32 pounds heavier than the last time I wore the same size clothes. Thirty-two pounds is no slight discrepancy; it is huge!

I came to this realization after pulling out all of my old clothes. In there were the first shirts we had made for our business. (The beginning of my past downfall.) I can almost wear these shirts! I am getting back into the wardrobe that I was snuggly in when I was more than 30 pounds lighter. So the less than friendly numbers on the scale do not show the true measure of the progress I have made in the short 6 months since restarting my journey towards a healthy life.

If you want to see just how much progress 12 pounds can make take a look at my most recent progress pictures. I have a hard time seeing my own progress sometimes but even I saw the difference!

I think this is an excellent example of why no one should measure their progress with the scale alone.

It is also a great example of what weight lifting and kettlebells can do for a person!

Friday, June 27, 2008

The many faces of Intermittent Fasting

I recently posted a review of Eat Stop Eat. It basically was a 24 hr fast twice a week. That, however, is not the only fasting train in town!

There is alternate day fasting, where you fast on every....you guessed it....alternate day.

There is Fast 5 where you fast until 5pm and then have an unlimited eating window for 5 hours.

The Warrior Diet is similar. (I haven't read the book yet so I don't know the differences off hand.)

Then there is LeanGains. From what I can gather it is 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating window but it is accompanied by very specific macro ratios. (I have heard he is writing a book. I can't wait.)

And then there are those who wing it!

I have become one of those people.

I was doing the Eat Stop Eat plan but I have not been able to fast for 24 hours since I switched to a ketogenic diet. So I have been experimenting with various lengths of daily fasts. A 16/8 split seems to be the magical ratio for me. I fast until 12:30 or so and then have lunch. My eating window is 8 hours from the time I start eating, usually until 8:30. It has been working so far. My macros and calories have been far easier to maintain.

No witty title today

Weight 223.0

Wednesday's workout

Incline single arm KB press, 25lbs, 4 sets of 8 reps each side
3pt. KB rows, 25lbs, 4 sets of 8 reps each side

Circuit of 2 handed swings and TGU for 10 minutes

Thursday was a rest day

Friday's workout

Deadlift, 112lbs, 4 sets of 6 reps

Circuit of Clean/ Squat/ Press combo and high pulls with 20lb. KB for 10 minutes

I have started keeping track of my food on Daily Plate. This food tracking thing never lasts long for me but my weight loss is non existent so I am trying to make sure I am on track. I need to take my measurements again as well. I know I have lost size on my chest so I have probably lost elsewhere as well.

Daily Plate is really easy to use and I love the pie charts. It makes it really easy to see macro ratios throughout the day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday and Tuesday's Workouts

I am taking a cue from WSFL this week. I am structuring my kettlebell workout in a similar fashion.


Single Arm KB Squats with 25lb KB - 4 set of 8 reps (4 reps on each side)

Circuit 1 for 10 minutes - 12 two-handed swings and 12 push-ups

Circuit 2 for 10 minutes - 6 snatch/squat combo on each side and 6 windmill on each side


250 two handed swing for time - 9:37

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why a Keto Diet is good for women...

I found this list online so I can't substantiate the validity of any of the studies quoted but it is great food for thought.

For instance, newborn babies are now getting rickets from lack of Vitamin D. While sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, most people living in Northern latitudes don't get nearly enough. The best food sources are things like oily fish, egg yolks and nuts. Irish experts say that we are not getting enough Vitamin D to sustain a healthy pregnany and breastfeeding, because of our low fat diet.

They've also discovered that two or more serving a day of low fat dairy can cause anovular infertility. Women trying to conceive should eat full fat dairy instead.

Women who are deficent in B6 find it harder to get pregnant, and are much more likely to miscarry. B6 is found in meat, oily fish, nuts and green vegetables.

There is a very weak link between blood cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease in men, but none at all in women. In two very large scale studies of older women, the women who ate the most saturated fat and had the highest cholesterol levels also had the longest life expectancy. The women who ate the least saturated fat were most likely to die.

Calcium and Vitamin K are both essential for strong bones. While you can get both in low fat foods, the body can't utilise them properly unless there is fat, ideally saturated fat, present. Supplementing bread or breakfast cereal with added calcium does absolutely nothing to improve bone density. The women who eat the most saturated fat tend to have the strongest bones.

Vitamin D, found in egg yolk, oily fish, meat, nuts etc, lowers the risk of breast cancer. Diets high in sugar and refined carbs hugely increases the rates for breast cancer.

A 12 month study of a group of overweight middle-aged women who were put on one of four different diets found that the group doing Atkins lost twice as much weight as the next best (LEARN) and three times as much as the worst (Zone). The Atkins women also improved their markers for heart disease more than the others.

Magnesium is necessary for strong bones, also for maintaining a regular heart rhythm and blood pressure, and working muscles. Breastfeeding places a huge demand on the magnesium supplies of the mother. Since it is found mostly in nuts, seeds, oily fish and cocoa, a woman on a low fat diet will have trouble meeting those demands.

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) affects 5-10% of women and is the leading cause of infertility. Best treatment it to reduce insulin resistance on a keto type diet.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keto "Rice"

1 head of cauliflower
1/2 onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, minced
3 Tbsp olive oil

Sauté the garlic and onions in the oil until soft. You can add any seasonings that you want. I used a little kosher salt.

Grate the head of cauliflower on the large side of a box grater or large cheese grater.

Add the cauliflower to the pan and sauté until tender. This doesn't really take long.

Hubby is a cauliflower hater but loved this and didn't even know it was cauliflower until I told him.

Low Carb Eggy Coconut Bread

Recipe by [unknown from Internet]
6 eggs
1/2 cup melted butter
2 Tbsp Splenda
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup sifted coconut flour
1 tsp baking powder

Mix well, pour into buttered loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

This is similar to cornbread, though not sweet. I can't vouch for the nutritional info so double check if you track things closely.

This was a bit dry but great with a little butter. Hubby had his with honey and really liked it. It doesn't taste a thing like coconut.

8 servings

Calories: 739 total, 93 per slice
Fat: 48 total, 6 per slice
Fiber: 54 total, 6.75 per slice
Carbs: 66 total, 8.25 per slice
Net carbs: 1.5g per slice
Protein: 61 total, 7.5 per slice

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting: An Eat Stop Eat Book Review

I have had an interest in intermittent fasting for sometime now.

Like most the rest of the "civilized" world, it as been drilled into my head that I must eat regular small meals to be healthy. And if I were to skip one of those "healthy" meals I would start losing the precious muscle mass that I work so hard to build or my metabolism would come to a screeching halt.

So I was intrigued when I ran across a few fitness enthusiasts talking about intermittent fasting. A little more "Googling" and I stumbled on Eat Stop Eat. The author, Brad Pilon, sent me a copy of his book and I got to reading right away.

Mr. Pilon includes a practical approach to intermittent fasting that is very flexible. The book, however, is less focused on "how" to do intermittent fasting and focuses more on what benefits come from intermittent fasting and dispelling many of the myths surrounding fasting. Everything he writes is fully referenced and I was pleased to see many scientific studies among the list of references.

I decided to give the program a try.

How did I use the program?
  1. I ate dinner on Saturday and then my fast began.
  2. I fasted until it was dinner time on Sunday. (Two times a week was recommended in the book but I only did one)
  3. I was not too militant on hitting an exact 24 hour fast. I followed a dinner to dinner protocol and the hours fell where they may. My fasts ranged anywhere from 20 hours to 26 hours.

What have I taken away from the book?
  1. Intermittent fasting makes it so I don't have to stress over meeting the perfect, magical macro ratio all the time. I don't have to worry as much about getting too many carbs or calories because I know the fast will balance everything out.
  2. If I get stuck and have to miss a scheduled meal I no longer stress over it.
  3. If I get hungry and can't satisfy that hunger immediately, I don't find it stressful anymore. Being hungry is no longer the end of the world.

What did the fasting do for me?
  1. In addition to the above mentions points, I lost about a pound and a half a week. More than that showed up on the scale the next day but some of the weight (about 25%) was back the next day. So the net loss for the month was 6.5 pounds.
  2. I was very productive on the days I fasted. I don't think my house has been this clean in a while and I have finally managed to declutter some of my closets! So energy levels were great. (I never did workout on a fasting day but I don't think it would have been a problem.)

What problems did I encounter?
  1. The biggest problem I had was during my last fast after I returned to a very low carb eating plan. I struggled to make it to 20 hours that day. I do not know if that is at all related to low carb or not. I will have to see if future fasts are equally difficult.
  2. Another problem I had was remembering that it was a fast day. Sounds crazy but I have tried very hard over the last year to force myself to eat breakfast that it has become habitual. On two occasions I was in the middle of breakfast when I realized I was supposed to be fasting. I simply fasted the next day, so it was no big deal.

I would definitely recommend the book to anyone that was interested in intermittent fasting. It was an easy read and answered many questions and dispelled several myths.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Does rearranging the house count?

So yesterday was supposed to be a Kettlebell workout for time. Instead I spent ALL DAY rearranging the house. We are moving my older son out of his shared bedroom. That requires quite the rearrangement since all of my business stuff and hubby's office is in the only other room.

Imagine one of those little tile puzzles with one of the tiles missing and you have to move around the tiles one by one in order to reveal the picture. Except the missing tile is filled with crap!!!!

Now you have a glimpse into my chaos.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Progress Pics

I have to say, I was feeling a bit discouraged lately because the scale is not moving much. I will be the first to call the scale evil and admit that there are tons of things that interfere with the scale. But, at the same time I can not kid myself and think that I am gaining all this muscle. I can not simply trade fat weight for muscle weight because my frame can not support 222lbs regardless of how low my body fat percentage is!! The scale needs to move. So when I looked at these pictures I was shocked. I normally have to really look at my pictures to see progress but this time I saw the progress before I even put them next to the other pictures! I have no measurements to go with these. The pictures were taken spur of the moment this morning. No time to hunt down a tape measure.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yesterday and Deadlifts!

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day. Instead I did a "I need to pay for my Tiramisu" workout! LOL Actually I knew I was going to eat way too many carbs so I planned a short workout to compensate some. Only some because it will take me a week to work off all those calories!

It was nothing too grand since it was already 9:30 when I started.

100 snatches for time (6:49) with 15lbs.
6 windmills each side with 15lbs.
2 TGU each side with no weight (It was the first time I had done them.)
2 TGU each side with 5 lbs. (And I learned today that I did them wrong. oops!)

Today was deadlifts. LOTS of them. I like deadlifts. It is a goal of mine to be able to out deadlift my husband. Of course he doesn't know this because then he might start taking them more seriously! LOL

Deadlifts ladder with 112lbs. (10, 7, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Kettlebell Circuit done 3 times. 12 two handed swings (25lbs KB) and AMAP Push-ups (12, 10, 8)

I also threw in some KB ladders (15lb, 20lb and 25lb) of one arm swings (6 each side) and high pulls (six each side).

Friday, June 13, 2008

Peanut Butter Coconut Candies

1/2 cup Peanut Butter
1/2 cup Coconut Oil (room temp)
1 Tablespoon Dark Cocoa Powder
1 Tablespoon Splenda
2/3 cup Large Unsweentened Coconut Flakes
1/3 cup Slice Almonds
1/3 cup Hemp Seeds

Mix all together and spread into a small (7 X10ish, but any size should work) pyrex dish that has been buttered or sprayed with Pam.

Place in freezer until hardened and cut into blocks.

  1. First, they didn't come out of the pan in blocks. Of course I will admit to not letting them fully set up! A layer of parchment paper in the bottom would probably solve that problem.
  2. Next time I will used a finer coconut. I really like the large flakes but they don't cut very pretty.
  3. I will probably try spooning these into silicon muffin cups or silicone ice cube trays next time. Should be perfect for portion control and hopefully will release better.
  4. I will either cut down on the cocoa powder or increase the Splenda. I didn't really want this to be a super sweet candy but the cocoa is a bit too bitter. I may leave the cocoa powder out entirely. Also a little vanilla might be nice.
  5. If you keep your nuts in the freezer like I do, you will find that the coconut oil hardens up before you can finish mixing things up. So I popped it in the microwave for 10 seconds. It was perfect to soften the oil.
  6. One last thought I had is that with the addition of some heavy cream these may be fudge like. I haven't tested that theory though.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Gonna Feel That in the Mornin'

Another VERY motivated workout tonight.

KB snatch/neg press/front squat
6 each side w/15lb
6 push-ups
6 each side w/ 20lb
6 push-ups
6 each side w/ 25lb

Bottom up clean
6 each side w/ 15, 20 and 25lbs, with no rest between weights

2 handed swing
12 reps w/ 15, 20 and 25lbs, with no rest between weights

6 each side w/ 15

Push-up Ladder
8, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Carb Counting Bracelet

I mentioned to a friend that I was having a hard time remembering how many carbs I had eaten and was essentially guessing by the end of the day. She suggested that I buy one of the Weight Watchers Point Counting Bracelets.

So, I looked them up and they are UGLY! (No offense to anyone that has one!) So I checked Etsy and they had prettier ones but I figured I could make one myself. I also didn't like the designs on Etsy.

So we made a trip to Micheal's today and, with $17 in supplies and a few random charms and findings I already had, I made 5 carb counting bracelets. (One must coordinate their jewelry! Anyone who knows me is laughing their head off right now!)

Here's how I did it....

First, your supplies. I made the bracelet to count 30 grams of carbs, so I used 31 beads plus one extra at the beginning and end just for looks. The beads for 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 are different from the rest to make it easy to count them. You will also need memory wire, 2 jump rings, 2 charms, and one lobster clasp.

Thread all the beads, in the proper order, on the memory wire (do not cut the wire to length yet).

Using a pair of round nose pliers (regular needle nose will work, you just won't get a round loop), make a loop in the end of the memory wire.

Push all the beads towards the loop and clip the wire with about 1 1/2 inches from the last bead.

Make a loop in the other end and the basic bracelet is done.

Next attach the first charm next to (or onto in this case) the 0 gram bead using a jump ring. This is the starting bead and does not move.

Next attach the other charm to the lobster claw clasp using the other jump ring.

Use this charm to track your net carbs by moving the clasp as needed.

Why do I keep looking?

I am happy with throwing together a kettlebell workout everyday but I always worry that I am not covering everything I need to cover. So of course I keep looking and I keep coming back to kettlebells. Maybe I have learned my lesson this time! (Probably not! LOL)

Today I checked out Turbulence Training. They have a 21-day trail offer right now for $5. As much as I like the program, I do not see myself doing it right now. I kinda feel bad for signing up and canceling my membership in the same day but I know I won't use it. Right now that is. Down the road I will probably rejoin. It really is a cool looking program.

So my not so new New Year's Resolution is to NOT LOOK AT ANYMORE PROGRAMS until the end of summer. And for all you people out there that have just burst into laughter....#$%^ *(&!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deadlifts and Kettlebells

Weight - 223.4

I was extra motivated today!!

Deadlifts - 5 sets
8 reps w/ 102lbs
6 reps w/ 107lbs
4 reps w/ 112lbs
2 reps w/ 117lbs

Now that I am done I realize that I should have done a 5th set of 8 reps w/ 102lbs. Oh well, next time.

1 set of 20 with 25lbs.
2 hand swings
single arm swings (each arm)
high pulls (each arm)

2 sets of 10 with 20lbs.
snatch (each arm)
clean and press (each side) (I only made it through 1 set of this one.)

What the heck are you eating?

So the question of my diet has come up recently. People want to know what diet I am following and most of them think I'm insane when I tell them.

First of all, let me clarify that the word diet refers to the food you eat not some magic ratio or calories. Just simply, diet is what you eat. My dietary plan is not some temporary technique that I will abandon and go back to my old ways when I reach my goal. (Which, BTW, is why 90% of diets fail. The diets themselves work just fine but the habits of the people following them remain unchanged; they have simply been put on hold.)

Second, most people assume that my goal is weight loss. Technically though, my goal is fat loss. I know it is a technicality to many people but it is very important to me. My current lean body mass is nearly perfect. If I gained NO muscle between now and the time I meat goal I would be okay with that. (Of course, I am hoping I do gain some!) My initial goal of 165lbs with 20% body fat would leave me with 132lbs of LBM. I currently have 139lbs of LBM so in that area I am ahead of the game. Now I just need to drop another 55 or 60lbs of fat and all will be good.

Now on to what I eat....

I had always been interested in low carb diets but was never successful at incorporating them into my lifestyle. After doing WSFL, I had learned a lot about eating low carb and decided to make it part of my normal eating. I have been reading every book I can get my hands on regarding low carb. I have learned a lot about how and why low carb works. I find ketogenic diets extremely interesting, but not quite obtainable for me and Paleolithic diets appeal to my love of anthropology (did you know I was an Anthropology major in college).

I have also been reading a lot about intermittent fasting and really see the health benefits of IF.

So how does that all fit into my plan. Well here goes....
  1. Monday through Friday, I am following a low carb, high fat diet. My macros break down like this. Sixty percent of my calories come from fat, 30% from protein and 10% from carbs.
  2. My 10% carbs gives me 50g of carbs a day to work with. Of those 50g, a minimum of 20g must be from fiber. Thus my net carb will be under 30 each day.
  3. Saturday is a little different. I eat all my meals and snacks as I normally would except I allow myself one "free" meal. There really is no scientific reason behind it. Mainly it just allows me the freedom to take my boys out for pizza, go to a birthday party or go out to dinner with the moms without having to stress over my food.
  4. I do a 24hr (ish) fast from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. For me, this sort of resets things. It gets me back into the right frame of mind, undoes any damage I did the night before and gives me a break from making sure my macros are right on.
You read that right, I eat 60% of my calories from fat. Butter, oil, cream, avocados, cheese, they are all allowed. Does it work? Well, I wouldn't continue doing it if it didn't! No, I am not going to have a heart attack tomorrow! If you are interested in the science behind a high fat diet I recommend you pick up a copy of the Men's Health TNT Diet.

You also read correctly that I DON'T eat for a whole TWENTY-FOUR hours. Guess what, my LBM has not suffered, my metabolism is just fine and I have not experienced the "unbearable hunger" that people seem to associate with fasting. No, I do not have an eating disorder! If you are interested in the benefits of intermittent fasting and a slew of research studies to back them up I recommend you pick up a copy of Eat Stop Eat.

Keep an eye out for my review of Eat Stop Eat. I also am planning on downloading Fast-5 and giving that a try to see how they differ.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chocolatey Popsicles

2 cups heavy cream
squirt of vanilla (2 tsp probably)
1/2 cup-ish (I didn't measure) Walden Farms SF chocolate syrup

Whip it in the mixer.

I did not over whip it but if you wanted a thicker consistency then by all means. After verifying that it was edible I filled Popsicle molds with it and made "fudge"-sicles. This was not super sweet. You could add more chocolate syrup or some splenda if you wanted it sweeter. I also think that an orange version would ROCK!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Portabella Cap "Pizzas"

For dinner tonight I made portabella pizzas. They were awesome. We have a hard time getting nitrate free/uncured peperoni around here so we often use uncured bacon as a pizza topping.

1 pizza crust, prepared for toppings
1 jar pizza sauce
1 lb uncured bacon (I think the packages are actually 12oz.)
1 lb mozzarella cheese
3 large portabella caps

1. Cut bacon into small pieces with scissors and cook in skillet until crispy. Drain off all but 1 Tbsp bacon fat and move bacon bits to a bowl.

2. With a spoon, scrap the gills from the portabella caps. Fry the caps, top side down first, in the bacon fat for 2 - 3 minutes. Flip the caps over and fry for another 2 - 3 minutes. Turn burner off and flip caps one more time.

3. Spread pizza sauce on the pizza crust and on top of each cap.

4. Sprinkle bacon all over the pizza crust and on each mushroom cap.

5. Top everything with cheese and place in the oven to melt and brown cheese. (I left my mushrooms in the skillet and there was enough residual heat to melt the cheese sufficiently.)

So the boys got their pizza and so did I, but mine was virtually carb free!!

KB Circuit

Weight - 223.4

Just when I thought I was going to avoid weight gain this month! Wishful thinking I know!!

No ladders for my workout today. I got this crazy idea to paint my kettlebells. So my 25lber is outside drying. It would probably be a bad idea to try and use it!

Today I did a circuit. Six reps each, repeated 3 times. I was aiming for 5 but 3 was all I could do!

Exercise 1 - Clean, squat, press (6 each side)
Exercise 2 - Push-ups
Exercise 3 - Underleg pass, swing (6 each leg)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A few links on Ketogenic Diets



Think Muscle

That last one is a VERY informative article written by Lyle McDonald.

Warp Speed Final Stats

Weight - 221.6

Bust - 46
Chest - 38
Waist - 41
Hips - 48.25
Thigh - 26.5

BF% 37

Since beginning Warp Speed Fat Loss I have lost 11.4 lbs of fat and gained 2.4 lbs of muscle.

About 25% of that weight loss was in the last week and I was following the TNT diet instead of WSFL. (They really are very similar.)

I am super thrilled with the results and I will continue with TNT Plan C from here on out. Technically I should be doing Plan A but I am willing to take a slower fat loss and have one day of higher carbs. I will also go back to doing intermittent fasting. I was doing it before WSFL, although I am curious to see how different it is now that I am low carb.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Climbing the KB Ladder

My first run at a ladder style workout.

I used 15, 20 and 25lbs. Starting with the lightest I did each exercise with consecutively heavier bells.

20 two-handed swings
15 one-handed swings with each arm (10 with 25 lber)
10 high pulls with each arm
10 snatches with each arm (5 with 25 lber)

That was fun. Now that I can breathe again I should go take the dog for a walk!

New Kettlebell and New Approach

Weight - 221.8

I have been in love with kettlebells since the first time I used them. Ever since that moment I have been trying to work them into my routine. The problem with this approach is that my "normal" routine does not allow for the addition of something as physically taxing as kettlebells. So that has left me with either skipping the kettlebells all together or replacing my "real" workout with a kettlebell workout, thus making it harder and harder to complete my "real" routine.

I came to the realization that my approach is backwards. In stead of doing something that I only sort of, kind of enjoy as my "real" workout and then adding in something that a really love whenever I am able, I need to be doing it the other way around. I should be doing the thing I really love as my main focus and then supplement with other, less interesting, things when I hit a sticking point. So that is what I am going to do.

I keep jumping around trying to find the "right program" and I keep coming back to kettlebells. This time I am staying here! LOL

Part of the reason I came to this decision/realization is because I found myself thinking about how cool it would be to open a kettlebell gym around here. I have also been looking online to find some place to get some certifications. I am thinking of getting my RKC and PT certification. Now I just have to find the program I want!

Now to the "New Kettlebell" part...
I stopped in Play-it-again-Sports today with a Visa gift card burning a hole in my pocket and picked up a 25lbs KB. I am very excited. I finally have 3 bells in incremental weights so I can play with ladders tonight! Some women get excited over a new purse, I prefer new kettlebells! My next purchase will probably be a second 25lber so I can do some double KB exercises.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can someone give me a swift kick in the a$$??

My motivations for lifting weights is really lacking lately. I think it is because setting up weights and plates for each lift is becoming more and more complicated. My set up is not designed for really heavy lifting and I am getting to the point where I am starting to lift really heavy (for me at least, I know there are people that would not consider a 100lbs deadlift really heavy but I do!).

I was supposed to start NROL Strength 1 this week but the mere thought of having to juggle all of those plates keeps me from even starting! I have been thinking about joining a gym but I just don't think it is in the budget. I did find a gym that I really like. It is a real weightlifting gym that is owned by a woman! I definitely would not have a problem feeling like the freak in the weight room there! It is only $36 a month which is not exactly in the budget but I could probably swing it. The only problem is that I have no where for the kids to go when I workout. That brings me back to the YMCA. The membership is a bit high and I doubt we would qualify for a scholarship since, on paper, we make too much money. Another problem with the Y is that my youngest son had a bad experience there a couple of years ago and has refused to go ever since. I may go down to the Y and see if we can do a trial membership just to see if he will stay in the child watch.

I am not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs though. Today I did a very short (20 min) but very intense kettlebell workout. I went in to start NROL S1 and looked at the weights and decided against it. Then I looked at the kettlebells and decided to throw something together spur of the moment. Basically I picked a swing or exercise and did it as long as I could. Then I switched to something else. I took breaks when I needed to, just long enough to catch my breath and get a drink and went back to it. I did that for 20 minutes. It was fun and if I thought I would be able to stand afterwards, I would have continued! LOL

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Warp Speed Day 21

Weight - 223.4

I am calling an end to Warp Speed today.

Overall I really liked the program. It definitely did not provide me with enough recovery time. I will be revisiting the program at a later date and hopefully I will be in a better position to handle the lack of recovery.

I lost 7lbs and 2 dress sizes so I am thrilled with my results even though I didn't finish. Tomorrow I will take final measurements and maybe some pictures.

I will be adopting a TNT approach to diet and moving into a strength focused program. Because I am fairly new to weight training I should still be able to lose significant body fat. I am excited for a change of pace. I have been focusing on fat loss for several weeks now. Although I should probably continue to do so, I think it is time to focus on some new goals for a little while. It will also be nice to do pure strength training during the summer when it is too freakishly hot to do anything remotely cardio related. (To think, people actually vacation here!)

So here are my goals for the next few months.

By September 1st I would like to:
  1. Drop below 190lbs while losing only fat
  2. Deadlift my body weight
  3. Do 5 "real" pushups
  4. Be in a size 14 (last time I was 190 I was in 16 but I think this time around I will be smaller at 190)