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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BFL - Day 3

It is early in the day but I finally got around to taking my measurements. Since I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon I will also be getting on the scale so I will report back with what the DoD has to say.

Here are my measurements:

Bust - 47
Chest - 39 (wow that means the bra I am wearing is actually the right size!! That is a first in years!)
Waist - 44
Hips - 53.5
Thighs - (L)28, (R)28.25
Calves - (L)15, (R)15.25
Upperarm - (L)16.25, (R)15.75
Forearm - (L,R) 12.5

BF% - 45%

The pulmonologist diagnosed me with asthma based on symptoms. I am not surprised. I have to go have a chest x-ray and 2 different breathing tests to verify. Now to find out where to get an x-ray done that is covered by insurance!

I promised to follow up with what the DoD said my weight was so here it is. My weight was 234. I was 245 on Jan 7th so according to the DoD, I have lost about 11 pounds.

My BFL lesson today is that I really need to plan better. But this is week one so I can't expect to be perfect. This whole balance carb/protein thing is tricky. Well, for those of us who eat very little meat that is. I will be consuming animal tonight; my husband will be so thrilled! LOL

Food log:
Breakfast - Protein Shake with Blueberries
Lunch - Left over pasta salad with salmon
Snack - Seitan Jerky and coffee with soy cream
Dinner - Chicken breast cooked in a little sesame oil, bean sprouts and snappeas in lettuce wraps
Snack - goat cheese, cashews, rice crackers, carrots

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