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Friday, February 15, 2008

BFL - Day 5 and 6

I never blogged yesterday so I am going do a combo blog today.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day so the diet was not as ideal as it should have been!!! We ended up at Taco Bell for lunch after a gross miscalculation of time and poor planning on my part!!! DH and I went out for dinner and although I ate too much I think the choices were still good. I had a pork chop and baked potato (plain) with steamed squash. If we ignore the fried calamari we had as an appetizer it wasn't that bad. LOL

Today has been disastrous in terms of diet. I decided to try out my luck with a protein bar that had a small amount of whey in it. I think I can keep these around for use in a pinch but definitely not as a regular thing. They are the Ultra Energy Bars and the one I have in front of me has 6g fat, 13g carbs and 22g protein. A little high in fat but an insane amount of protein so for someone that has difficulty getting enough protein it is awesome. The next thing I picked up is not BFL approved, I'm sure, but in a pinch I would I think they would be better than cheese and crackers! (If only I could have those!) Betty Lou's Nut Butter Balls with Plant Phytosterols, Coconut Macadamia flavor has 7g fat, 17g carb and 10g protein. These will not be making a regular appearance in my diet anytime soon but they are good!

I ended up getting window food (and I am too embarrassed to admit which window!) on the way to Kyllian's doctor's appointment. It is now 5pm and I am just now eating again, the afore mentioned Nut Butter Ball. I am still starving!!! I have a party to go to tonight. I think I am going to chalk today up as my free day and eat right tomorrow (which is supposed to be my free day) since I will finally have time to sit down, make a grocery list and go shopping.

Exercise wise I did my upper body yesterday. I am holding off on cardio for today and tomorrow. I am hoping my knee will be better before I am supposed to do my lower body on Sunday. We may go bike riding tomorrow depending on the weather and how my knee feels.

Food log Day 5:
Breakfast - cherios and soy milk
Lunch - Taco Bell
Snack - Cashews
Dinner - Pork Chop, Calamari, baked potato (Valentine's dinner)

Food Log Day 6:
Breakfast - Protein bar
Lunch - :( Window Food :(
Dinner - hummus, pita chips, pralines:(, salsa, millet bread (party)

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