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Consistent practice equals consistent progress.


Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Pumpkin Hummus

I have been wanting hummus lately but the carbs were too high for me to fit it into my diet. So I came up with this version that is a little lighter on the carbs. (Sorry, I don't measure spices. Use whatever you want though!)

1 can chickpeas (drained and rinsed)
1 can 100% pumpkin
1/2 cup tahini
1/2 cup olive oil

I seasoned with salt, cumin, chili powder, oregano and grains of paradise. Put all in food processor and process until smooth.

Total carbs are 32g with 13g fiber. Net carbs 19g. The recipe made 3 1/2 cups so if I am doing the math correctly that leaves a bit less than 1.5g net carbs per 1/4 cup serving. It is actually not much better than regular hummus which only had 2g net carbs per 1/4 cup serving. But the pumpkin has lots of nutrients and depending on how much hummus you eat that .5g could add up.

If you are wondering, there is a hint of pumpkin flavor but it isn't overwhelming.

Warp Speed Day 19

Weight 222.8

So perhaps my weekend of off eating wasn't so bad after all. The scale has been very friendly to me the last few days despite my workouts being sporadic. My eating has been really good though so that makes a big difference. My calories are a little low but my macros have been where they need to be.

My workout went great today! I was beat by the end of it. No intervals today. I may try to add them back next week. My knee is feeling better but I don't want to push anything right now!!

For food I have decided that I am just going to estimate carbs. My goal is to stay below 50g total carbs. I know my calories are lower than they should be but I am eating when I am hungry! At this point, I am sure I have deviated from the original meal plans but I hate forcing myself to eat. I am just going to do what feels right and as long as I continue to lose I will keep doing it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where is the UPS man????!!!!!!!

That's all! :)

Just being impatient!

Warp Speed Day 18

Weight 224.6

I did it! I broke 225, finally!!!

I had the greatest of intentions today but when it came time to do the second circuit I just could not do it. I think I pushed myself a little too hard on the previous exercises. Of course, the fact that step-ups hurt my knees doesn't help.

I am planning on doing a kettlebell workout later tonight to make up for not finishing today.

I think I am going to track my calories for a few days because I am not sure I am eating enough. I haven't been able to finish a meal in three days. I am just not that hungry. When I get hungry I will have whatever snack is scheduled but the larger meals are not as easy to finish.

So here is today's food:

Breakfast (only ate half)
2 tsp earth balance (67/7.4/0/0)
3 whole eggs (221/14.9/1.2/18.9)
3 egg whites (51/.2/.7/10.8)
handful of broccoli slaw (13/0/2.5/1)

PWO (with matcha and creatine)
4 oz lite soy milk (35/1/4/3)
1 scant scoop PP (150/1.5/3/25)
4.5 oz blueberries (41/.2/10.5/.5)

3 pickle spears (15/0/2.5/0)
6 slices ham (120/3/1/24)
2 slices cheese (140/12/2/3)

3 slices ham (60/1.5/.5/12)
1 slice cheese (70/6/1/1.5)
2 whole eggs (147/10/.8/12.5)

9 oz steak (340/14.2/.1/49.8)
1/2 avocado (161/14.7/8.6/2)
1/2 cup tomato (16/.2/3.5/.8)
1 Tbsp sesame seeds (52/4.5/2.1/1.6)


1523/80.05 (48%)/41.8(11%)/151.05(41%)

I may have a few almonds later but not many because my carbs are right where I want them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Warp Speed Day 17

Weight 225.6

I am finding it very hard to stay motivated with the exercise. I have been having knee problems which are not getting better. This morning I have a persistent pain in my knee. I am going to have to change the way I do cardio from here on out. It will probably impact my results but I would actually like to be able to walk when this is over! :)

I am going to try to keep up with the weight and circuit portion but I am going to have to switch to a less traditional method of cardio. Although the gazelle is considered low impact it has always bothered my knees if I used it too much. Jump roping is just a joke right now.

I have Mike Mahler's kettlebell e-book and it has a fat loss circuit in it that I will use in place of one or two sessions of cardio. I also can bike and hoop, but NO gazelle, jump roping or running for me for at least a week. I will re access next week.

Now food on the other hand is going great. I really like the diet portion. Low carb seems to set well with me. I really need to invest in a few cookbooks though because I am constantly looking for new foods. I know there is variety out there, I just don't know what it is! LOL

The biggest problem I am having with food is eating enough. I am finding that I am not hungry at all. When I do get hungry I have a few bites of whatever I make and I am good.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Warp Speed Day 15

Weight 226.2

Well, I have passed the half way point and I have to admit that I am losing steam. The diet really is going great (except my few days of convention hell!). I do like this way of eating. I think I will follow up Warp Speed with TNT so I just ordered the book from Amazon.

The workouts, on the other hand, are wearing on me. I really don't think my knees will be able to take much more. I cut out the interval portion of today's workout because both of my knees have started hurting. I don't know if it is because I spent the last three days walking non-stop or it is just over worked. Unfortunately, the plan does not allow for more than one rest day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Warp Speed Day 14

Weight - 227.0

After my weekend of "conferencing" I am up 1 1/2 pounds. I'm not surprised. My eating was HORRIBLE on Friday and less than spectacular last night. I also didn't get in the scheduled workouts Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Warp Speed Day 12

Weight - 225.6

I spent the day at the FPEA convention so my usual workout was not feasible. Food was okay until dinner and then we had Chinese food and I made POOR decisions! Oh well, I paid for it with a major headache about an hour later. I did get a good kettlebell workout in and a 1 mile walk. I thought the kettlebell workout was going to end up being a "better than nothing" workout but it kicked my butt unlike any workout I have done so far in WSFL. Man I love kettlebells! I have managed to pack lunch for tomorrow and I will probably be home for dinner. Hopefully I will have the energy to actually cook something!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Warp Speed Day 11

I am taking today off. I am very sore and my back keeps cramping up. Definitely a sign I need to rest. I am kinda bummed because I know I won't be able to workout on Saturday at all because I will be at a convention all day. I will do Saturday's cardio on Sunday but there is no way I can make up today!!

I am getting really tired of checking my sheet to find out what I can eat!! I hope that I have it memorized by next week.

I am planning to continue the diet portion after WSFL is over. I will increase the calories some by adding more fruits and veggies and maybe an occasional starch.

I have been tracking my weights daily. From here on out I will post my weight at the beginning of each entry. Here are the last 11 days.

Day 1 - 230.2
Day 2 - 229.6 (-.6)
Day 3 - 228.2 (-1.4, total -2)
Day 4 - 228.2 (no change, total -2)
Day 5 - 227.0 (-1.2, total -3.2)
Day 6 - 227.2 (+.2, total -3)
Day 7 - 227.2 (no change, total -3)
Day 8 - 226.0 (-1.2, total -4.2)
Day 9 - 226.8 (+.8, total -3.4)
Day 10 - 225.8 (-1, total -4.4
Day 11 - 225.6 (-.2, total -4.6)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Warp Speed Day (what day are we in now??)

Day 10

I almost talked myself out of working out today. I am glad I didn't but, MAN, I am tired and sore!!!

I think tomorrow I am going to have to spice things up with something I really like in order to motivate myself into working out. Today was hard and had it been a cardio day I might not have been able to convince myself to go.

No problem with food today. I did cut the fruit out of my evening snack and I may replace my almonds with coffee creamer if I decide to hit the book store tonight.

Here are my numbers.

1807/76.2/81/197.9 38% fat, 18% carb, 44% prot

225 right around the corner!

225 has been a goal of mine FOREVER! My scale seems to have some sense of self preservation lately. (Read my feeling on the scale here) This morning I weighed.....


almost there!

Normal Carb Day Sample Menu

I have just decided it is easier to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and snacks everyday. I am sure I will change things up every now and then but I am sticking with this basic structure. The only thing that will change daily is dinner.


1 cup lite soy milk(70/2/8/6)

1 scoops PP(150/1.5/3/25)

½ blueberries(41/.2/10.5/.5)

12 almonds (85/7.5/2.7/3.1)


3 Tbsp liquid protein(90/0/5/18)


6 oz chicken breast (281/6.1/0/52.9)

2 cups spinach (14/.2/2.2/1.7)

¼ cup tomato (8/.1/1.8/.4)

¼ cup onions (17/0/4/.4)

½ avocado (161/14.7/8.6/2)


1 hardboiled eggs (78/5.3/.6/6.3)

3 hard boiled egg whites (51/.2/.7/10.8)

3 Tbsp hummus (80/3.9/9.1/2.2)


8 oz tuna steak

1 green beans

2 tsp sesame oil

2 Tbsp sesame seeds


½ cup cherries (46/.1/11.6/.8)

12 almonds(85/7.5/2.7/3.1)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warp Speed Day 9

Stupid Apple!!! I was doing well on carbs until I ate that stupid apple. Oh well, not the end of the world. I have not hit 10% carb ONCE yet. Part of my problem, other than that stupid apple, is that I like higher carb veggies/fruits. I have cut down my tomatoes on my salad as far as I am willing to. If that impacts my results than so be it. Now, the stupid apple is another story. I don't even like stupid apples that much but I wanted something different. What I wanted was the last of the pineapple but I knew that was not the best choice. I thought the stupid apple was better but now I am not so sure! Today I felt a little hungry, about what I expected to feel. So tomorrow I will stick with the same meal plan. But I will definitely skip that STUPID APPLE!

Here are today's numbers.

1692/72.7/95.2/160.2 39% fat, 23% carb, 38% prot

Today was a cardio day. We increased the number of intervals today but it was no biggie. I may actually be starting to not hate cardio as much. Don't get me wrong, it still sucks but it is beginning to grow on me.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Warp Speed Day 8

I have completely tweaked the diet. I am eating WAY too much food. I have dropped to a MUCH lower eating plan. I figured my calories for today and they were 2100. I was eating that much on NROL. My RMR is 1527 according to the formula in NROL4W, so that puts my maintainance in the neighborhood of 2200 calories a day on a workout day. So I am only in a 100 calorie deficit right now!!! Normally that would be a fine amount but that is not the point of this program. So I knocked 500 calories off and that is where I am eating for the rest of the week. I just adjusted the meal plans and it still looks like PLENTY of food.

Today I spent much of the morning moving furniture and purging homeschooling supplies so by the time I made it to my workout I was a bit worn out. Bad planning on my part! I got through the lifting portion just fine. I pushed myself really hard on the circuits and then I had nothing left for the intervals. I took a 5 or 10 minute break and tried to go back to them but it just wasn't happening. I did manage to do 20 minutes steady state on the gazelle.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Warp Speed Day 7

Well today is going to be rather uneventful. No workout and the only food is dinner and evening snack (that is not part of Warp Speed). I normally end a fast with a few more carbs than I would typically eat so we will see how I do tonight. I haven't been craving carbs so I doubt it will be a problem. Tonights dinner is supposed to be talipia with a tahini sesame sauce.

I did a few measurements today. I am down 3 lbs for the week, 1 inch off my hips, 1 inch off my waist and 1/2 inch off each thigh.

ETA: I just ran my body fat % through Health Central and I am down 2.5% since the last time I measured it. I am finally in the thirties!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warp Speed Day 6

I am nearing the end of Week 1. I am really wondering if I am eating too much food. Other people are experiencing so much hunger and I have almost had none. I know I am eating for a higher meal plan than most but I am still eating from a plan for someone 30lbs lighter then I am. I have even cut back on many of the evening snacks. Next week I am moving down one more plan. There really isn't much difference between the two though. I have had no craving for carbs and my carb headaches seem to have passed. I am still having some fatigue but I really think that is more because I am working so hard and not because of the food.

I will take my measurements and weight tomorrow because I don't want tomorrow's fast to skew the number on the scale on Monday morning. So far I am down three pounds. I will be really happy if I am down one more pound tomorrow. I really have no idea what to expect from the tape measure though. I am hoping to be able to get into all of my 16s at the end of this but that might be pushing it a bit!

The exercise portion is really awesome. The circuits are really fun and move very quickly so it is hard to focus on how much a particular exercise SUCKS (jackknife)!!

Working out 6 days a week is challenging for me though. I have always built in "make-up" time in case things get crazy and I can't fit in my workout. DS's meds were recently changed so he can make things hard at times. There is nothing like a 7 year old having the mood swings of a pregnant women with PMS to throw off your day!! Now, there is no make up time so I HAVE to get it done when it is supposed to be done.

I promised myself I would follow the program exactly as it was written and I am for the most part. However, there are some things that I just can not do. I had to either skip them or substitute something else for them. I figured substituting a related exercise was a better option. I had to substitute pullovers for the chin-ups/lat pulldown. I simply can not do chin-ups, assisted or not; I weigh too much. And I don't have access to a lat pulldown. Pullover was the closest exercise I could find. I also can not do push ups from the ball. This week I skipped that part and just did jackknives but next week I am going to add them into the circuit as a separate exercise. I am hoping by the third week I will be able to do them as written.

Today I got to a late start, so my food timing is a bit off.

11:30 – Breakfast

1 ¼ cups Lite Soy Milk

1 ¼ scoops PP

½ cup blueberries

1:00 – Workout

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein, in water

12:30 – Lunch

8 oz chicken breast

½ avocado

½ cup tomato

¼ cup onion

3:00 – Snack

1 apple

18 almonds

6:30 – Dinner (serve with wild rice for everyone else)

8oz Shrimp

1 ½ cups Spaghetti squash and Cubanell Peppers

2 Tbsp pecans

9:00 – Snack


Friday, May 16, 2008

Warp Speed Day 5

Friday's are alway hectic so today's workout was VERY hard to fit in. I was not able to get the intervals in. I ran out of time.

Tonight was a friend's birthday and we went out to dinner. The menu selection was very small but I think I managed okay. I did end up eating tortilla chips but I limited it to 6 or them. Everything else I had was okay-ish.

Today's Food:

9:30 – Breakfast

1 ½ scoops PP

½ cup blueberries

1 ½ cup lite soy milk

12:30 – Lunch

6.5 oz chicken breast

2 cups spinach

1 cup lettuce

½ avocado

½ oz goat cheese

¼ cup tomato

3:00 – Workout

2 cups juice

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein

4:00 – Snack

½ cup cherries

12 almonds

8:30 – Dinner

Shrimp on wild greens with cocktail sauce

Avocado Salsa (avocado, tomato, corn and jalepenos)

6 tortilla chips

Macros so far...

Day One
Total Cal 2226, fat 89g (36%), carbs 105g (18%), prot 256.5g (46%)

Day Two
Total Cal 2112, 86.35g fat (36.5%), 131.5g carbs (25%), 203.3g prot (38.5%)

Day Three

Total cal 1857, 70.7g fat (34%), 97.8g carb (21%), 209g prot (45%)

I am eating off of the 200lb meal plan which should give me 1800 as my base calories. So I am going over my calories but I am using the templates. Mike said that was normal so I am not worried. I am planning to go down to the 195 meal template for next week and I am going to try to create my own meals but use the pre made templates as a guide.

Warp Speed Day 4

My food got thrown off a bit today. I ended up, unexpectedly, having to eat lunch out. I think I did okay though.

This evening was a bit tough. I was very tired and my kids were not cooperating with my headache! I'm not really sure I can blame all of that on WS diet though. Living with a bi-polar 7 year old can be trying at the best of times!!

I almost didn't get my workout in today. I was supposed to do it in the morning but instead I sat at Tires Plus (actually we walked around Target, the car was at Tires Plus!). After school work and the neighborhood kids hanging out it was 6 before I was able to do anything.

Here is todays food.

9:30 – Breakfast

1 cup Lite Soy Milk

1 scoop PP

½ cu p blueberries

12:00 – Lunch – Applebee’s


Salad with grape tomatoes and cucs

Steamed Broccoli and yellow squash

3:00 – Snack

1 cup skim milk

1 cup crushed ice

1 scoop PP

1 large Tbsp Matcha Powder

6 Almonds

6:00 – Workout

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein, in water

7:30 – Dinner

8 oz lean beef

½ cup broccoli

¼ cup tomato

½ cup cucs

2 cups spinach

9:00 – Snack

18 Almonds

1/3 cup frozen cherries

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Warp Speed Day 3

This afternoon and evening were a bit hard for me. I haven't been hungry at all but I am very tired. Today's workout was a killer, much harder than Monday's.

I did better with soda today. I only had two which was WAAAYYYY better than yesterday.

Here is today's food.

Day 3

9:30 – Breakfast

1 ½ cup Lite Soy Milk

1 scoop PP

½ cup blueberries

18 almonds

11:00 – Workout

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein in water

12:30 – Lunch

8 oz tuna steak

1 ½ cups cucumber

½ cup chopped tomato

4 Tbsp chopped pecans

3:30 – Snack

2 hard boiled eggs

2 hard boiled egg whites

½ c frozen cherries

6:30 – Dinner

8 oz lean beef

2 cups peppers and onions

9:30 – Snack

1 apple

12 almonds

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heavy Bag Videos

I got a heavy bag for Mother's Day. Here are a few "how to" videos.

The Jab

Straight Hand Punch

Left Hook

Combining Punches

Left Upper Cut

Moving Forward and Backward

Moving Left and Right

Basic Stance

Warp Speed Day 2

My schedule got thrown off a little bit by an impromptu homeschool park day, so my workout won't happen until this afternoon. My weight was down to 229.6 this morning from 230.2 yesterday. I know it is mostly water weight at this point but I can only lose so much water! LOL

I haven't put a ton of thought into what I am going to do diet wise after WSFL is done. I know I want to continue with a reduced carb diet but not as extreme as what I am currently doing. But other than that I don't know! Hopefully I will develop some better "low carb" habits while following this plan that will carry over.

Today's Food:

9:30 – Breakfast - I just could not bring myself to experiment with another weird breakfast. I don't think this deviated to far from the exchanges that were intended.

1 ½ cup Lite Soy Milk

1 ½ Scoop PP

½ blueberries

18 Almonds

11:30 – Lunch - This is a crazy amount of chicken to eat in one sitting!

7.5 oz chicken breast

2 cup spinach

½ cup chopped tomato

24 almonds

2:30 – Snack - I am going to have to fight my children for these!

2 hard boiled eggs

3 hard boiled egg white filled with 3 Tbsp hummus

4:00 – Workout

1 cups juice

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein

7:30 – Dinner - I really don't want to have chicken again for dinner!

4.5 oz chicken breast

3 cups lettuce

½ cup diced onion

6 Tbsp avocado

1 whole egg

9:00 – Snack - I think this is less protein than was allotted for this snack but I am not hurting on protein so I think I will be okay!

1 cup plain soy milk mixed with 1 cup black chai

1 whole eggs with a tablespoon of hummus

It is 9:30 and I am just starting to get a headache and fatigue so I am doing much better than yesterday with the low carb transition. I have not been hungry AT ALL. In fact I am having difficulty eating everything I am supposed to. Today I cut 2 servings of protein and 1 serving of fat because I just couldn't do it all. I am also eating off of the plan for a person 30 lbs lighter than I am since I have so much weight to lose. (I am doing this on the recommendation of the authors.)

I have picked up quite a soda habit though. I am really going to try to cut back on the soda tomorrow. I never drink more than 1 soda a day and I am embarrassed to admit how many I have had today!! Tomorrow I am going to try to keep the kettle on and drink tea when I need the caffeine fix!

Today's workout was cardio, an evil mix of interval and steady state. I HATE cardio (the steady state stuff at least) with a passion. I just keep telling myself it is 11 more sessions, 11 more sessions.

I am not the tiniest bit sore from yesterday's workout so I think I was right that I need to increase the weights.

11 more sessions! (Did I mention I hate cardio?!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

WSFL - Day 1

I was definitely feeling the lack of carbs today!! From everything I have read that should past in a couple of days. Hopefully!

Today's Food

9:30 – Breakfast - This was gross. I will never add 2 scoops of protein powder or peanut butter to a shake again!!! On top of that the chocolate powder is nasty!

2 Scoops Choc PP

1 cup lite soy milk

1 Tbsp + 1 tsp Peanut Butter

11:00 – Workout

1 cups juice (36g carb)

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein

12:30 – Lunch - Man was it hard to eat all of this!!

7.5 oz chicken breast

2 cups baby spinach

½ cup tomato

4 Tbsp avocado

½ oz Goat Cheese

1 Tbsp chopped pecans

3:30 – Snack

4.5 oz chicken breast

5:00 - Snack - I had a cup of coffee with 2 Tbsp of soy creamer. It was not in the plan but I NEEDED caffeine! The creamer had 30 calories, 2g fat and 2g carbs. I don't think I ruined anything!

7:30 – Dinner - It seems like I had to add a lot of fat to this meal but I double checked the exchanges and as far as I can tell I did everything right!

8 oz Baked Tuna

½ cup tomato

1 tsp Olive Oil

1 tsp sesame oil

1 Tbsp sesame seeds

½ oz goat cheese

9:00 – Snack - I did not finish this. Not only did it taste bad but I wasn't the slightest bit hungry.

1 Scoops Vanilla PP

1/3 cup frozen cherries

12 almonds

Men's Toy Store

We went to PlayItAgainSports yesterday to pick out a Mother's Day present. We got a heavy bag, which we all will use, and I got a new kettlebell. The boys, Kyllian mostly, were climbing all over things and as I was checking out I mentioned that going there was worse than going to the Toy Store. Then the guy who had been helping us piped up with the following gem,

"This is a MAN'S toy store!"

My husband shielded his head, the children ran in fear, the cashier stood there dumbfounded...

I responded with, "WHAT?!!?!". Then, while struggling to get both of his feet out of his mouth, he tried to recover by saying, "Well, not ONLY a man's toy store...."

While he was still choking on his shoelaces I tossed the kettlebell (no, not at his head, although the thought did cross my mind) over my shoulder and asked him to be a gentleman and get the door.

Why so much hostility?

Is it like this when any new program comes out? Seriously! Why do people feel the need to criticize things they don't understand and don't agree with. For that matter how can they criticize something they say they don't agree with when they haven't even read it. And the latest criticism...

I think most of the "experienced" people on these forums could build a pretty similar program using a low calorie, low carb, nutrient timing nutrition plan. And a workout plan that consisted of 3 weight resistance workouts comprised of 1 compound exercise with low reps and heavier loads and metabolic resistance circuits or EDT training. By doing this, would you see the same results as if you did the exact Warpspeed program? Probably not. Would you have a plan that would get you results and not cost $80? Probably so.

News flash! Not everyone is experienced! I'm not experienced. Could I put together a program like this? Probably, after months of research and hours of planning. I am resourceful, afterall. OR, I could give someone with FAR more experience and understanding $80 and they can give me a program that works, is laid out to the letter, leaves no room for error and saves me the time and energy of the leg work. Personally I don't see the problem. I prefer to use my time and energy actually DOING a program than creating a program.

If you can write a better or comparable program then go do it but quit criticizing someone that attaches a price tag to it. Oh, and while I'm at it, quit referring to those of us who "fell for the marketing" as "victims".

Now for those random few who are reading this and wondering why I don't just say this directly to those who are doing the bitching...Well, you see, I am inexperienced and don't have any fancy letter after my name so I don't have anything of value to add to the discussion. SO I will do my complaining here...I feel better. Now I am off to nurse my low carb headache! LOL

Warp Speed Day 1

Well it is too early in the day to comment on the diet but the workout is killer! I was lots of fun! I didn't even mind the lunges. I don't know if that means I am finally strong enough to do lunges or if the reverse lunges are just easier??

I will admit to substituting the chin-up/lat pulldown for pullovers. Until I come up with something better I will have to do that. I can't do chin-ups no matter how much assistance is provided; I simply weigh too much. And since I workout at home, I have no access to a lat pulldown. I will come up with something but for today I subbed pullovers.

I am trying really hard to plan everything ahead of time. I even went as far as writing out what things I need to do each day. I always make fairly detailed menus but I have a bad habit of looking at the clock at 6:30 and have nothing pulled out of the freezer for dinner. So, I end up throwing together some meatless pasta dish instead! So I made a list for each day of things that need to be prepared for the next day or pulled out of the freezer.

Yesterday I hard boiled a bunch of eggs and precooked chicken breasts. Of course, I did this before realizing that all of the weights for the meat are the precooked weight. So now I am trying to find out what percentage is lost when you cook chicken!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Progress Pics

Here are my before and "during" pictures. These are after doing NROL4W Stage 1 and NROL Fat Loss 1. I start Warp Speed Fat Loss on Monday so I had to get some pictures taken before then.

Amity 6 week challenge - Week 1

What are your goals for the next 6 weeks?

OK, I have difficulty with goals but I am better in the short term than long term so here goes.

1. Alwyn Cosgrove just came out with a new program that I am going to start on Monday. It is a 4 week program and my goal it to follow it to the letter!

2. My new program has a VERY detailed food plan that I WILL follow to the letter! After that is done I will return to doing Eat Stop Eat.

3. Lose 6% body fat (1% per week) - current BF% 40.5. In theory the new plan I am starting will have me lose more than 6% so I think I am going to plan a goal for 10% body fat.

4. I am hoping to see a loss of 20 pounds in the next 6 weeks. I know that is a lot but I will be on a very intense and explicitly laid out plan. - current 229.6

What are you doing this week to meet your goals?

I am working on getting everything planned and organized for next week. The food is laid out for me but I have to make some substitutions because I can't have dairy. I also KNOW I won't cook in the morning so I have to switch out some of the breakfasts. I know my limitations and cooking before noon is one of them!

I am making my shopping list for week one so I am ready to go this weekend.

I have checked out all of the exercises and I am playing around with a few of them this week.

I can't do chin-ups and I don't have access to a lat pull down so I either need to hunt down resistance bands or figure out the pulley system. Since no one around here (that I have found yet) carries the bands I think I will have to explore the pulley option. I have seen pictures of a few set ups on line and they don't look too complicated.

I am also hoping that all my resent focus on push ups will allow me to do the ball push up combo. Last time I tried push ups on the ball it was ugly. I am still emotionally scarred from the experience! LOL So I need to experiment with this! This is probably the only exercise I am not looking forward to. I think I suck more at this particular combo than I do at lunges. (And that is saying something!)

Most of the other exercises are hard core staples that I know how to do. The plans are very simple! I said simple NOT easy! They are definitely not easy!

Today I will begin incorporating the cardio routine. I HATE cardio so I really need to find the grove.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

15 minute improptu workout and new program

Time: 10:30pm

What: My fat A$$

Where: Sitting on the sofa

Yes, that was the scenario. Today was a bit busy with K's psychiatry appointment so I never got in my workout. So at 10:30 I, all of a sudden, decided to go toss around the kettlebell for as long as I could manage. That was only 15 minutes BUT that was 15 minutes straight with only short pauses to get a drink of water.

So there I was, doing kettlebell swings and high pulls in jeans and a dress shirt. I AM one of those people that I make fun of! LOL

Now about this new program...

I got Warp Speed Fat Loss today. (Please tell me I am not the only freak out there that gets stuff like this for Mother's Day!) I am quite excited to start it on Monday. I need a few days to work out the grocery list and plan food so Monday it is. I looked over everything today and I am thrilled with the way it looks. It is going to KICK MY A$$! I am going to have to be extra committed to get in the cardio. I HATE SS cardio with a deep seated passion but the bulk of the cardio is interval. I wonder if I can incorporate kettlebells into the cardio somehow. Maybe with a really light bell????

After the next 28 days of hell :) I will return to NROL4W.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kettlebells Routine 1 Day 1

This was so fun.

Each was done for one minute with one minute rest in between sets. Circuit was repeated one time.

Two Hand Swing - 33/35
Left Arm Snatch - 21/20
Right Arm Snatch - 20/19
Left Arm C&P - 15/15
Right Arm C&P - 12/14
Figure 8 - 45

I was wearing the wrong kind of pants for the figure 8 so on the second set I subbed alternating one arm swings - 34

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Finger

I just crushed my finger while installing a gate lock on my outside gate. My first thought (well after "OH F$%&!") was "Dammit, this is going interfere with my workouts!!"

Stop Working Out and Training!

Great post from the Simple Strength blog about failing.
This is where the "Practice" comes in. When we stop working out, stop training and simply "Practice" to do what we do better, more mindfully, the results come.

As long as we hold ourselves up to someone elses ideal we will fall short. And that failing might just be the thing that stops you making the effort to "practice" today.

So, make your own mistakes. Fail on you own terms. The end result will be your Path, your Way. How damn exciting is that!
This really speaks to me because I know I need to make my "workout" into a "daily practice". Instead of viewing the current training program as a means to an end, I need to start thinking of it as stepping stones on the path. That path includes "exercise" stepping stones, "food" stepping stones, "rest" stepping stones, etc.; all being an important part of my "Practice". Without using each and every stone, the journey down the path will be much harder and you run the risk have having to turn around and go back.

So here's to paying attention to each and every stone and not straying too far from the path!

Friday, May 2, 2008

NROL Fat Loss 1 Workout B6

Today I finished up Fat Loss 1. I really did not want to do this workout today. I got some new toys (kettlebells) and I really wanted to play with them instead. But I did it and I am glad. I had an awesome workout. I ditched the stopwatch though. I finally figured out that was what was irritating me about these workouts. I really hate stalking the clock. Since this was the last workout and the rest times were only 45 seconds I just went as quickly as I could. I probably rested less than 45 seconds in the beginning. I worked up more of a sweat today than in any other NROL or NROL4W workout yet! Since the focus is fat loss I figure I will keep working like this, once my focus changes I will stalk the clock once more! :)

Today's Workout:

Push-ups from kneew

3X10 @97lbs

DB Incline Bench Press
3X10 @ 17e

3X10 w/ BW

3X10 @ 20lbs

Rom Deadlift
3X10 @62lbs

Russian Twist
2X10 @ 10, 1X10 @ 5