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Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start.


Monday, March 31, 2008

NRoL4W - Should I continue??

Stage 1 came to a close today!

So here are a few observations that I have made about the last few weeks of NRoL4W.

1. The things that saw significant improvement were Sqauts and Deadlifts. I think the reason for the improvement was less because I got stronger and more because I didn't start with enough weight in the first place. After all I carry around 235lbs so my lower body has some hidden strength from that alone. I did not increase my squat strength by 75lbs. in 6 weeks!

2. The things I made moderate improvement on were Bent Row, Shoulder Press and Pullover. These improvements I do think are strength gains. I was pretty challenged on these from the get go.

3. The things that saw NOT A LICK OF IMPROVEMENT were Push-ups, Step-ups and Lunges. Push-ups, I have a new approach to those and I think that will work well. But Step-ups and Lunges are evil. I am wondering if they are even appropriate exercises for someone that is overweight. If I had improved at all I would not be wondering if this. I need to do some work on my balance! Looking ahead in NRoL4W I am seeing more and more things that I don't feel I should be doing yet.

4. My body image has improved and my posture in much better. I feel stronger even though I am not really all that stronger. I guess I am more confident in my strength.

5. My diet has improved. (As long as you are not counting the last few days!) I am not overly thrilled by all the meat I have been eating but I have not gotten sick from it so that is definitely good. In the past too much animal protein caused my Fibromyalgia to flare up so I was concerned about returning to a carnivorous diet. I would be happy with less soy in my diet but soy protein powder is about all I can have. Pea, rice and hemp protein are either too expensive or too nasty!!!

I am wondering if a program like NROL Fat Loss might be better. I want to lift heavy and workout hard but I feel like I am carrying around too much weight at the moment.

I am coming to the realization that it may be counter productive to try to do a "strength building" program while eating a diet that is focused on weight loss.

I guess I am looking for the most efficient route (not easy, efficient! The most bang for my buck, so to speak.). If I am going to work as hard as I do I want to see the specific results I am looking for. Those would be weight loss, focusing on losing fat and preserving the muscle I have. Increases in strength would be nice but I think I need to turn my focus away from that at the moment.

All things being equal and diet in check, will I see better results from doing a fat loss program (NROL Fat Loss) or a strength building program (NRoL4W) working at a calorie deficit? (And I am talking a reasonable deficit not some crazy 1000 calorie diet, LOL)

I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I am not expecting to drop 10 pounds over night but nothing in 6 weeks?? I have lost a few inches here and there so it hasn't been a total waste of time. Don't get me wrong. I think it is an excellent program and I had a blast doing Stage 1 (well, all except the lunges! LOL). I am just wondering if it is the right one for me to be starting with since my goal and the purpose of the program are different.

When I started NRoL4W I promised myself that I would stick it out. At the same time, I really don't want to work on a program that isn't right for the next 5 months. I think I may be in a better physical position in a few months on a targeted fat loss program to come back to NRoL4W.

I just called the bookstore in Daytona and they have NROL on hold for me. I am going to go get it tonight and look it over. Maybe after I compare the two programs things will be clearer. Or I will still be dumbfounded. Who knows?? LOL

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost Clean Baked Oatmeal

With the exception of the protein powder, this recipes is "clean". (I think) I was able to eliminate the Splenda by adding 3 very ripe bananas. I store over ripe bananas in the freezer for just this purpose. They keep almost indefinitely in there. Just pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and the mushy thawed banana will slide right out of the peel. It looks gross but mixed in a recipe it adds a mild banana flavor and sweetness.

This recipe also made a bunch more muffins than the last time. I think it was because the steel cut oats didn't absorb as much moisture. Hopefully that won't affect the end product. It says that the severing size is one muffin but I usually have 2 at a time for breakfast and one for a snack.

1 cups rolled oats (300cal, 6g fat, 54g carb, 10g prot)

2 cup steel cut oats (1200cal, 16g fat, 208g carb, 32g prot)

2 cup plain soy milk (200cal, 8g fat, 16g carb, 14g prot)

2 cups water

4 scoops Soy Protein powder Vanilla (520cal, 6g fat, 12g carb, 100g prot)

1 cup blueberries (60cal, 0g fat, 18g carb, 0g prot)

1 cup eggbeaters (120cal, 0g fat, 4g carb, 24g prot)

3 Tbsp ground flax seeds (90cal, 7.5g fat, 6g carb, 4.5g prot)

3 very ripe bananas, mashed (215cal, 1g fat, 55.5g carb, 3g prot)

Cinnamon, nutmeg or other spices of choice

1 tsp sea salt

Preheat oven to 350

In a large pan over medium heat, mix together all ingredient except blueberries. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes or until liquid begins to thicken, stirring constantly.

Remove from heat and fold in blueberries.

Spoon into 30 silicone muffin cups. Fill to the top as this will not rise. (If you use more or less muffin cups then use the recipe totals at the bottom to calculate cal, fat, etc per serving based on the number of servings you get from your pans.)

Bake for 40 minutes or until firm to the touch. (Depending on your oven this can take longer. These are very hard to over cook so don't stress about the time.)

If you use a metal muffin tin you should line them with papers or they will not come out very easily. After they have cooled enough to handle, turn them out of the silicone cups and allow to finish cooling. Once cool, store in the fridge for up to a week.

Recipe totals: 2705 cal, 44.5g fat, 373.5g carb, 187.5g prot

Serving size 1 muffins: 90 cal, 1.5g fat, 12.5g carb, 6.25g prot

Note: You can use regular milk and whey powder if you want. That will change the final numbers but not by much.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout A8

Squats - 3X8 @ 74lbs.

Push ups - 3X8 @ 45 degrees

Bent Row - 1X8 @ 63lbs., 2X8 @ 68lbs.

Step up - 3X8 w/ BW

Knee up - 2X15, 1X12

My Eats:

Spark People says:
Daily Totals 2,321cal 78g fat
263g carb
145g prot

Breakfast woes!

I have got to get on the ball for breakfast. I have had, for the second day in a row, a protein bar and a diet soda for breakfast. I guess it is better than nothing but, seriously, I know better. Today my goal is to finish cleaning the kitchen so I can get some breakfast baking done. I want to get some baked oatmeal and mini quiches done. I don't have any ground turkey right now so no breakfast meatballs. Those were very good though.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout B7

My workout:

Deadlift - 3X8 @ 98lbs.

Shoulder Press - 3X8 @15lbs.

Pullover 1X8 @ 20lbs., 2X8 @ 25lbs. (I finally found my max on this. Twenty-five pounds was quite a struggle. I am not sure I could have done 1 more rep.)

Split Squats 3X6 w/ BW (I will be subbing split squats for lunges for a while. I will also be adding some hip flexor exercises and stretches.)

I totally skipped abs today. By the time I figured out a lunge substitution I was worn out. I will add some abs in tomorrow to make up for it.

My eats:
My calories were much higher than they usually are. Although, technically I should be eating 2300 cal on workout days, so I guess it is okay. I was craving some major protein today, as I am sure is evident by the, insane, 225g of protein I ate today.

Spark People says:
Daily Totals 2,374cal 53g fat
254g carb
225g prot

Lunges, Those evil, evil lunges...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout A7

My Workout:

Squats - 3X8 @ 74lbs.

Push ups - 3X8 @ 45 degrees

Bent Row - 3X8 @ 63lbs.

Step up - 3X8 w/ BW

Prone Jackknife - 2X8

Knee ups - 1X12

My food, Spark People says:
Daily Totals 1,998 cal
44g fat
214g carb
173g prot

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today's Eats

Things are a little high today because it was Kyllian's 7th birthday and we ended up eating lunch out and having pizza for dinner. My numbers probably aren't as high as they appear because I picked all the cheese off my pizza.

Spark People says:
Daily Totals 2,479 cal
78g fat
299g carb
144g prot

Took a few days off

I took a few days off of NRoL4W. I was getting a little burnt out!! I do Stage 1 A7 tomorrow and I am hoping I will be refreshed and ready to kick butt.

Egg Wraps

Here is an alternative to wheat wraps. I have often used lettuce leaves as an alternative to wheat wraps when I am trying to cut back on carbs but they get old after a while. I have not tried making these egg wraps but they sound like an awesome alternative. If made with egg beaters, they would be a high protein, low fat, low carb wrap alternative. As soon as I find a plate that is the right shape AND will fit in my microwave I will give it a try and let you know how it works out!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's Eats

Spark People says...
Daily Totals 1,951cal
52g fat
251g carb
128g prot

Chocolate Bean Cake

I haven't made this yet but I have heard it ROCKS. I will post a comment when I make it.

15 oz (1 can) black beans, drained and rinsed
4 large eggs, seperated
1- 1 1/2 cups splenda (depending on how sweet you like it)
3 TBSP baking cocoa
2 TBSP strong coffee
1 Tsp baking powder
2 TBSP smart spread or canola oil (or you can use applesauce!)
1 Tsp vanilla extract
2 TBSP chopped walnuts or hazelnuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 F

Prepare a 8x8 baking pan by spraying with PAM butter spray
Blend the egg yolks, splenda, baking powder, smart balance (or oil) vanilla, coffee & cocoa in a blender or with a stick blender.
Add the rinsed beans, puree until smooth.

Transfer bean mixture to a bowl if using the mixer.

In a sep. bowl whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt with a hand mixer until stiff peaks form. Mix 1/3 of the egg whites into the bean mixture to lighten the bean mix. Fold in the remaining egg whites in two portions. It's ok if some white streaks remain in the batter.

Pour the batter into the baking dish. Sprinkle top with chopped nuts if desired. Tap the pan on the counter a couple of times to release any air pockets.

Bake at 350 F for 35-40 min or until toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Allow to cool 10 minutes before slicing.

Makes 16 2"x2" servings

Per serving: 48 calories, Carbs 4.5g, Protein 2.9g, Fiber 1.0g, Fat 1.7g, sFat 0.5g (I have NOT verified the nutritional info!)

Chocolate peanut butter: add 2 TBSP natty PB to the bean mixture.

Sprinkle with chopped peanuts if desired.

Chocolate hazelnut: Add 1 TBSP sf hazelnut syrup or 1/4 tsp hazelnut extract to the bean mix.

Note: Coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate and makes it more chocolately, you don't taste the coffee.

Cream cheese frosting for the bean cake:
4 oz cream cheese (lf or ff)
3-4 TBSP splenda
2 Tbsp sf vanilla syrup
4 TBSP natty PB
-you can add or substract according to your taste!-

Mix all together in a cup until creamy. Store covered in fridge until ready to use. Spread on cake piece by piece.

Monday, March 17, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout B6

Food is going first today because I haven't worked out yet!

Today's Food Log

Breakfast - protein shake with blueberries and soymilk, banana

Lunch - 3.5 ounces tuna with onions and yellow mustard and 2 slices of whole wheat bread

Snack - fruit salad(pineapple, apples, grapes and strawberries)

Snack - 3 oz round steak, 1/4 cup hummus, rice crackers, cut veggies (carrots, snap peas, cauliflower and turnip root)

PWO - protein shake with soymilk and blueberries

Dinner - salmon and round steak, salad with walnuts and dried papaya, hummus and chips

Spark People Totals:
Daily Totals 1,822 cal
52g fat
195g carb
153g prot

Is it possible that I finished the day NOT eating enough carbs??? I double checked everything and it all looks right. Guess I had a pretty good day.

My workout:

Deadlift 3X10 @ 93lbs.

Shoulder Press 1X10 @ 12lbs (e), 2X10 @ 15lbs (e)

Pullover 3X10 @ 20lbs

Lunge - I didn't think it was possible....to hate lunges more than I did. But it is. I pulled a muscle on my first lunge. There has to be a substitution for these things. I simply can not do them.

Swiss Ball Crunch - Holding the position for these hurt my quad so I substituted hip up for them. Honestly I felt it was a much better workout than the swiss crunch. I have always had a problem doing crunches correctly though...

The boys and I made hula hoops today and practiced with them for about 5 minutes. Doesn't sound like long but try it sometime!!!

Ab Boot Camp

This ab workout from Muscle Media looks down right brutal!

Lower Ab Crunch 15 reps—no rest
Leg Raise/Hip Up 15 reps—no rest
Side Crunch 15 reps (each side)—no rest
Knee Up 15 reps—no rest
Lying Crunch 15 reps—no rest
Back Hyperextension 15 reps—no rest

ACTIVE REST (two to three minutes)
Basic Ab Stretch
Side Bends
Stomach Vacuums

Repeat cycle three times with no additional rest between cycles

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't need no stinkin' smoothie maker!

I learned a new trick today. Why I never thought of this before is beyond me. Someone on JPFitness posted this link to a blog detailing how you can use a standard quart mason jar to turn a standard blender into a personal smoothie maker.

The blog shows a really old blender but I tried it with my new fangled blender and it works.

Lentil Pate

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything. What I did ended up looking nothing like the recipe I was following! LOL

2 cups broth of choice (I used vegetarian "chicken" stock)
1 cup red lentils

Add to medium sauce pan and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer until lentils are tender, about 20 minutes.

1/2 red onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced fine (I used more)
1 tbsp. dried basil
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp. salt

Add to lentil during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

1/2 cup almonds, coarsley chopped (If your food processor can handle almonds you can do this in there, mine can't!)

Add almonds to the food processor, along with the lentil mixture. Process to desired consistency. If you want it smooth process longer.

Scant 1/4 cup unbleached flour

Move lentil mixture to mixing bowl and mix in flour. Bake in a well oiled loaf pan lined with parchment paper. 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until firm.

Cold Soba Noodle Salad

This recipe was adapted from The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook.

8 ounces soba noodles

Prepare noodles according to package directions.

2 large carrots, sliced VERY thin
1 cup snap peas, coarsely chopped
1/2 red onion, diced

Added veggies to the boiling water with the noodles during the last 2 minutes of cooking. Drain veggies and noodles and rinse with cold water until cool.

3 tbsp. sesame oil
4 tbsp. soy sauce
3 tbsp. tahini
1 tsp. Asian chili paste

Mix above together and pour over noodles and veggies. Toss to coat. Serve cold.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout A6

I am having a hard time recovering between sets. I start off okay but by the time I get to the last two exercises I am needing 2 to 3 minutes. Hopefully that won't impact my progress. And, of course, since I don't use weight on those last two exercises there is no where for me to go but up.

Here is todays workout:

Squats 3X10 @ 35(e)

Push-ups 1X10 @ 45 degrees, 1X8 @ 45 degrees, 1X10 @ 45 degrees

Bent Row 1X10 @ 58lbs, 2X10 @ 63lbs

Step Up 2X10 w/ BW

Jackknife 1X12, 1X8

Todays food:

Breakfast: Steel Cut oats made with water and protein powder, blueberries, banana and a little bit of sugar on the oatmeal

Lunch: Goat Cheese Gouda and chicken breast on 2 slices of whole wheat bread

PWO: protein shake made with soy milk and blueberries

Dinner: chicken breast, protein bar

Snack: (okay not really a snack!) carrot cake batter (not a lot, just liking the spoon but trying to stay honest!)

Spark People totals
Daily Totals 1,886 cal
49g fat
196g carb
164g prot

Friday, March 14, 2008

Clean Eating

I just bought the Eat Clean Diet book by Tosca Reno. I already knew the info int he book and most of it is available online but it was put together in one place in a very easy to read and implement format that made it worth the money.

The Eat Clean Diet

Tosca Reno message board

Clean Eating Magazine

The Eat Clean Diet website

10 step strategy to Consistently Eating Clean

Eating Clean Works

Fitness Quest's Recipes

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout B5

I have been neglecting my blog lately. BUT I haven't been neglecting NRoL4W.

My eating has not been that phenomenal but I am getting back on track!

Here is my workout from Wednesday.

Deadlift 3 X 10@ 88lbs.

Shoulder Press 3 X 10@ 12(e)

Pullover 1 X 10 @ 15lbs., 2 X 10@ 20lbs.

Lunge (I did static lunges this time) 2X10 w/ BW (Have I mentioned that I hate lunges! LOL)

Knee-Ups (My ball and I are not getting along right now!) 2 X 12

Yesterday I did HIIT for 20 minutes. I will probably take today off. I am very tired and still a little sore. A6 will be tomorrow. I am SOOOO ready for Stage 1 to be over.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Measurements Take 2

Here are last month's measurements:
Bust - 47
Chest - 39 (wow that means the bra I am wearing is actually the right size!! That is a first in years!)
Waist - 44
Hips - 53.5
Thighs - (L)28, (R)28.25
Calves - (L)15, (R)15.25
Upperarm - (L)16.25, (R)15.75
Forearm - (L,R) 12.5

BF% - 45

Now for this month's:

Bust - 47 (no change)
Chest - 39.25 (+.25)
Waist - 43.25 (-.75)
Hips - 51.5 (-2)
Thighs - L - 27.25 (-.75), R - 27.25 (-1)
Calves - L - 15 (no change), R - 15 (-.75)
Upperarm - L - 16.5 (+.25), R - 16 (+.25)
Forearm - L&R 12.5 (no change)

BF% - 42.5

So that gives me a loss of 4.5 inches sine February 12th.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

NRoL4W Satge 1 Workout B4

Today really kicked my butt!!!

Deadlift 2X12 @ 88lbs. (My grip strength is going to get in the way of me increasing weight anymore. I am going to have to look into gloves or something.)

Shoulder Press 2X12 @ 12(e) (Why are these things so hard!!!???)

Pullover 2X12 @ 17lbs. (I had my hands positioned differently today and this exercise was tons harder. I am going to have to remember today's grip and use it next time!)

Lunge 2X12 w/ BW (Well I did all of them. It wasn't pretty but I did them. I had to stop half way through each set and rest but I finished all 24 of them. Have I mentioned how much I hate lunges?)

Swiss Ball Crunch (I didn't do these today. My core muscles are so fatigued from all the coughing I have been doing I figured this would be more counter productive than anything else.)

Food Log:
Daily Totals 2,232 cal
87 gr fat
225 gr carb
143 gr protein

Here are my totals from Spark People. My fat was high today. I probably over estimated the Olive Oil and Earth Balance I used at dinner so it probably isn't as bad as it looks. Calorie wise I did well. 2300 is my "workout day" amount and this is the first time I have even come close to reaching it.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

NRoL4W stage 1 workout A4

Well I probably shouldn't have, but I worked out today. I feel really good though so I guess it isn't all that bad. I got the flu on Monday which quickly turned into bronchitis because of my asthma. By yesterday everyone in the house had the flu! WooHoo!

Anyways here is my workout today...

Squat 2X12 @45lbs (now that I have form down on this I will be bumping up the weight considerably next time!)

Push-up/45 degrees 2X12 (I was shocked that I did these with such ease! I thought that since I was sick I would totally suck at them today. I will be moving my bar down to 30 degrees for the next workout.)

Bent Row 2X12 @ 58lbs (These were challenging but no more so than last time.)

Step Up 1X12 w/ BW on the bench (I needed assistance with balance so I cheated a little on these but it was a significantly better workout than the sissy little step I had been using.

Jackknife 1X10

As you can see I sort of ran out of steam towards the end. On a normal day I would have pushed myself through the last 2 sets but I figured that since I was still technically sick and probably shouldn't be working out anyways, I wouldn't push it. (more than I already had!)

I am really itching to start HIIT. I was planning on starting this week but then I got sick so I will hold off until next week. I know that HIIT isn't prescribed until Stage 2 but I have 90 pounds to lose so I am going to start it earlier. I figure it will be better than the steady state stuff I would normally do!

Today's Food Log:

Breakfast - steel cut oats with a little brown sugar and golden raisins

PWO - protein shake with soymilk and blueberries

Lunch - hb egg and pb

Snack - turnip and protein bar

Dinner - pasta with marinara and shredded chicken breast

Dinner - protein shake (made with water only, yuck!)

Spark People shows my marcos as

Daily Totals 1,987 cal
47g fat
242g carb
143g protein

That puts me at the very bottom of my calorie range. I had no appetite at dinner so... My percentages were dead-on though!! 50/30/20 (C/P/F)

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Blueprint for Goal Achievement

Strategies to Reach Any Goal
-- By Mike Kramer, Staff Writer

It was just a coffee table. A resting place for coffee cups and gatherer of used magazines. Normally, it would have no meaning for me. But because I invented this end table and scraped my knuckles raw for it…I was a proud papa.

This Christmas gift to my wife was more than a hobbyist’s diversion. It taught me how to succeed at anything in life. I’m now confident that I can achieve any goal I set my mind to.

Why did it have this effect? Because in the process of making this end table, I underwent a textbook case of how goal achievement is supposed to work. The whole project was full of lessons that can be applied to any goal:

A Vision
In my mind, I knew what it should look like. I got it down on paper right away. As I measured and cut, I continually checked my product against this vision.

A Plan
Before I did anything, I drew up a detailed blueprint on several sheets of graph paper.

A Timeline (and a Deadline)
Each workday was planned, including the steps I would achieve each day. Christmas Eve was the built-in deadline.

Action Steps
Each day I focused on only a few steps at a time—without worrying about the others. I trusted that if I created the legs first, then the sides, followed by the top, it would all come together according to my plan.

It was for my wife. That (along with an immoveable deadline) kept me in the workshop at every possible moment. I didn’t procrastinate and didn’t need to be reminded.

Lots of Help
My dad helped me devise the plan. When I got stuck, my friend Chris gave me ideas, suggesting the perfect tools at the perfect times. In the end, it wouldn’t have been half as good without their help.

Good Resources
Woodworking depends a lot on time, patience, and having the right tools (emphasis on the right tools). Because I had all of these, my table making was less of a frustration, and more of a piece of cake.

If something didn’t turn out just right, I moved around it and adapted. I didn’t let one step back stop me from moving forward.

Learning Curve
In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing! I had never even used half of the tools (and I certainly didn’t know what a bevel was). But, by taking things one step at a time, I learned what I needed and grew more confident.

All of these strategies combined gave me a sense of invincibility. I became convinced that as long as I took my time, followed my plan, and used the right tools, there was no way I could fail. Now I’m also convinced that I can follow the same strategy with other goals in the future.

And I thought I was just making a coffee table!

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout B3

Today did not have a good start. I started having an asthma attack at around 3 am so I got NO sleep. I was finally able to sleep at about 6 and the boys let me sleep until 10am. (It is so nice having self sufficient children. And not having to get up to take them to school helps too!)

I started my day with a banana and a protein bar. Not exactly a breakfast of champions but considering all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and eat nothing it could have been worse!

I decided I was in no mood to workout since I seem to have the cough of a 4 pack a day smoker but as I was getting dressed I had an attack of guilt and put workout clothes on instead. I am really glad I did. My workout was the only time so far today I could actually breathe. Go figure!

So here is what I did. Today was a good day!

Deadlift 1X12 @ 68lbs, 1X12 @ 78lbs (OMG does that actually say 78lbs!!! - I actually just had to walk back over tot he barbell and recount the weights. That ACTUALLY says 78lbs. I never would have believed a month ago I would be able to left 78lbs.)

Shoulder Press 1X12 @ 12lbs, 1X10 @ 12lbs (My shoulders have always been a weak spot for me due to various injuries. I wonder if I will ever have good strength in them??)

Pullover 2X12@ 17lbs (I think I have finally figured out how to keep my shoulder from locking up on this one so I will actually be able to increase my weight a bit. )

Lunge 1X12 w/ BW, 1X10 w/ BW (Have I mentioned previously how much I hate lunges?? Just in case, let me reiterate... LUNGES . F*ING . SUCK!)

Swiss Ball Crunch 2X12 w/ 5lbs over head

Now that I am done my cough is back but my lungs are open enough now that my inhaler might actually help now!

Todays Food Log:

Breakfast - Banana and Protein Bar (20g)

PWO - Spoy Protein powder (25g) with blueberries (1g) and soy milk (6g)

Lunch - Tuna (45.5g), 2 slices whole wheat bread (6g)

Dinner - Ramen Noodles, turnip root and tropical fruit salad.

My "asthma attack" is not an asthma attack. I officially have the plague! LOL I statred running a fever after lunch and it got progressively worse from then on. Which explains the crappy dinner I had.

Spark People says I macros were 242g carb (55%), 24g fat (17%), 124g protein (28%). Not too bad considering. My calories were only 1700 though.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

High Intensity Interval Training How-To

NRoL4W Stage 1 workout A3

Squat 1X12 w/ 30lbs, 1X12 w/ 45lbs.

Push ups 1X12 @ 45 degrees, 1X11 @ 45 degrees (no improvement from last time)

Bent Row 2X12 w/ 58 lbs. (very challenging weight, will stick with that next time)

Step up1X12 w/ 30lbs., 1X12 w/ 45lbs. (I need to find a step in between the step and the bench, I am not getting good range of motion but I am not strong enough for the bench yet.)

Prone Jackknife 2X10 with ball at the knees (I will focus on moving the ball closer to my toes as the stage progresses.)

This session kicked my butt. My rest time in between sets was longer than it should have been and I got sick to my stomache towards the end. I think I need to wait longer between eating and working out.

March Goals

I didn't meet all of my February goals but that is mainly because I switched from BFL to NRoL4W half way through. I did get to both of the doctor's appointments, the boys and I have started biking, and I am in Week2 of my running program.

March Goals:

Exercise goals:
  • Continue with and stay on target with NRoL4W.
  • Complete Week 3 of my running program.
  • Work on gait training daily.
  • Continue biking with the boys.
  • Start roller blading with the boys.
Specific NRoL4W goals:
  • Increase squat weight to 75lbs.
  • Reduce push up angle to 30%
  • Increase bent row weight to 75lbs.
  • Move to the bench for step ups
  • Increase dead lift weight to 95lbs.
  • Increase shoulder press weight to 15lbs.
  • Increase pullover to 20 lbs.
  • Add weight to lunges
Food goals:
  • Start pre planning and pre cooking dinner meals, utilizing OAMC techniques and the crockpot.
  • Prepare breakfast foods in advance each week on Sundays.
  • Increase the amount of protein each day.
Goals for the end of NRoL4W Stage 1 (ends April 6th):
  • Goal weight is 205, but more importantly I would like to drop a dress size. I have a bunch of 18s teasing me in the top of my closet!
  • Reduce my BF% by 3%.
  • Reduce my over all measurements by 10"
Goals for the end of the year:
  • I want to run a 7 minute mile.
  • I want to look so hot at my hubby's Christmas party people wonder if he got remarried! LOL
  • I want to be in a size 14 and have to buy a whole new wardrobe for Christmas.
  • I want to finish the Autism Society Walk in May in under 45 minutes and I want to finish the Breast Cancer walk in October in under 30 minutes.