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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Warp Speed Day 2

My schedule got thrown off a little bit by an impromptu homeschool park day, so my workout won't happen until this afternoon. My weight was down to 229.6 this morning from 230.2 yesterday. I know it is mostly water weight at this point but I can only lose so much water! LOL

I haven't put a ton of thought into what I am going to do diet wise after WSFL is done. I know I want to continue with a reduced carb diet but not as extreme as what I am currently doing. But other than that I don't know! Hopefully I will develop some better "low carb" habits while following this plan that will carry over.

Today's Food:

9:30 – Breakfast - I just could not bring myself to experiment with another weird breakfast. I don't think this deviated to far from the exchanges that were intended.

1 ½ cup Lite Soy Milk

1 ½ Scoop PP

½ blueberries

18 Almonds

11:30 – Lunch - This is a crazy amount of chicken to eat in one sitting!

7.5 oz chicken breast

2 cup spinach

½ cup chopped tomato

24 almonds

2:30 – Snack - I am going to have to fight my children for these!

2 hard boiled eggs

3 hard boiled egg white filled with 3 Tbsp hummus

4:00 – Workout

1 cups juice

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein

7:30 – Dinner - I really don't want to have chicken again for dinner!

4.5 oz chicken breast

3 cups lettuce

½ cup diced onion

6 Tbsp avocado

1 whole egg

9:00 – Snack - I think this is less protein than was allotted for this snack but I am not hurting on protein so I think I will be okay!

1 cup plain soy milk mixed with 1 cup black chai

1 whole eggs with a tablespoon of hummus

It is 9:30 and I am just starting to get a headache and fatigue so I am doing much better than yesterday with the low carb transition. I have not been hungry AT ALL. In fact I am having difficulty eating everything I am supposed to. Today I cut 2 servings of protein and 1 serving of fat because I just couldn't do it all. I am also eating off of the plan for a person 30 lbs lighter than I am since I have so much weight to lose. (I am doing this on the recommendation of the authors.)

I have picked up quite a soda habit though. I am really going to try to cut back on the soda tomorrow. I never drink more than 1 soda a day and I am embarrassed to admit how many I have had today!! Tomorrow I am going to try to keep the kettle on and drink tea when I need the caffeine fix!

Today's workout was cardio, an evil mix of interval and steady state. I HATE cardio (the steady state stuff at least) with a passion. I just keep telling myself it is 11 more sessions, 11 more sessions.

I am not the tiniest bit sore from yesterday's workout so I think I was right that I need to increase the weights.

11 more sessions! (Did I mention I hate cardio?!)

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