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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Warp Speed Day 6

I am nearing the end of Week 1. I am really wondering if I am eating too much food. Other people are experiencing so much hunger and I have almost had none. I know I am eating for a higher meal plan than most but I am still eating from a plan for someone 30lbs lighter then I am. I have even cut back on many of the evening snacks. Next week I am moving down one more plan. There really isn't much difference between the two though. I have had no craving for carbs and my carb headaches seem to have passed. I am still having some fatigue but I really think that is more because I am working so hard and not because of the food.

I will take my measurements and weight tomorrow because I don't want tomorrow's fast to skew the number on the scale on Monday morning. So far I am down three pounds. I will be really happy if I am down one more pound tomorrow. I really have no idea what to expect from the tape measure though. I am hoping to be able to get into all of my 16s at the end of this but that might be pushing it a bit!

The exercise portion is really awesome. The circuits are really fun and move very quickly so it is hard to focus on how much a particular exercise SUCKS (jackknife)!!

Working out 6 days a week is challenging for me though. I have always built in "make-up" time in case things get crazy and I can't fit in my workout. DS's meds were recently changed so he can make things hard at times. There is nothing like a 7 year old having the mood swings of a pregnant women with PMS to throw off your day!! Now, there is no make up time so I HAVE to get it done when it is supposed to be done.

I promised myself I would follow the program exactly as it was written and I am for the most part. However, there are some things that I just can not do. I had to either skip them or substitute something else for them. I figured substituting a related exercise was a better option. I had to substitute pullovers for the chin-ups/lat pulldown. I simply can not do chin-ups, assisted or not; I weigh too much. And I don't have access to a lat pulldown. Pullover was the closest exercise I could find. I also can not do push ups from the ball. This week I skipped that part and just did jackknives but next week I am going to add them into the circuit as a separate exercise. I am hoping by the third week I will be able to do them as written.

Today I got to a late start, so my food timing is a bit off.

11:30 – Breakfast

1 ¼ cups Lite Soy Milk

1 ¼ scoops PP

½ cup blueberries

1:00 – Workout

3 Tbsp Liquid Protein, in water

12:30 – Lunch

8 oz chicken breast

½ avocado

½ cup tomato

¼ cup onion

3:00 – Snack

1 apple

18 almonds

6:30 – Dinner (serve with wild rice for everyone else)

8oz Shrimp

1 ½ cups Spaghetti squash and Cubanell Peppers

2 Tbsp pecans

9:00 – Snack


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Kat said...

Hi - I am doing Warp Speed Fat Loss too and today will be my day 7 - you are doing great - I love the workouts too --