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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Amity 6 week challenge - Week 1

What are your goals for the next 6 weeks?

OK, I have difficulty with goals but I am better in the short term than long term so here goes.

1. Alwyn Cosgrove just came out with a new program that I am going to start on Monday. It is a 4 week program and my goal it to follow it to the letter!

2. My new program has a VERY detailed food plan that I WILL follow to the letter! After that is done I will return to doing Eat Stop Eat.

3. Lose 6% body fat (1% per week) - current BF% 40.5. In theory the new plan I am starting will have me lose more than 6% so I think I am going to plan a goal for 10% body fat.

4. I am hoping to see a loss of 20 pounds in the next 6 weeks. I know that is a lot but I will be on a very intense and explicitly laid out plan. - current 229.6

What are you doing this week to meet your goals?

I am working on getting everything planned and organized for next week. The food is laid out for me but I have to make some substitutions because I can't have dairy. I also KNOW I won't cook in the morning so I have to switch out some of the breakfasts. I know my limitations and cooking before noon is one of them!

I am making my shopping list for week one so I am ready to go this weekend.

I have checked out all of the exercises and I am playing around with a few of them this week.

I can't do chin-ups and I don't have access to a lat pull down so I either need to hunt down resistance bands or figure out the pulley system. Since no one around here (that I have found yet) carries the bands I think I will have to explore the pulley option. I have seen pictures of a few set ups on line and they don't look too complicated.

I am also hoping that all my resent focus on push ups will allow me to do the ball push up combo. Last time I tried push ups on the ball it was ugly. I am still emotionally scarred from the experience! LOL So I need to experiment with this! This is probably the only exercise I am not looking forward to. I think I suck more at this particular combo than I do at lunges. (And that is saying something!)

Most of the other exercises are hard core staples that I know how to do. The plans are very simple! I said simple NOT easy! They are definitely not easy!

Today I will begin incorporating the cardio routine. I HATE cardio so I really need to find the grove.

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