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Thursday, April 3, 2008


That is what I feel like doing right now. People actually do HIIT after NROL FLI??? I mean, as much fun as puking after the second set of crunches seemed (and puking seemed WAY more fun than doing another round of lunges and crunches), cleaning up the puke out of the carpet afterwards did not seem fun!

Here is my first NROL FLI log:

Workout A1

Squat - 1X10 @ 74lbs, 1X13 @ 54lbs, 1X12 @ 54lbs
Going up to 15 reps really killed the amount of weight I could lift.

Bent Row - 1X15 @ 58lbs, 1X14 @ 58lbs, 1X10 @ 58lbs.
15 rep sets hurt me here to bu not as bad as squats.

Supine Hip Extension - 3X15
I need to go back and review this exercise.

Dumbbell Push Press - 1X10 @ 15e, 1X15 @ 12e, 1X13 @ 12e

Static Lunge -2X10 w/ BW

Crunch - 2X15

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