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Consistent practice equals consistent progress.


Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Fat Loss B1

This workout was supposed to be done on Saturday but I could barely walk from the Lunge (evil things!) that I did on Thursday. Sunday was a no go as well. Not only was it Drake's birthday, we had church and I was in charge of refreshments and then that evening I had an "appointment" to get my hair done. So here I am on Monday...


Deadlift - I was happy to maintain my weight from the last stage even though I went up in reps!
3X15 @ 98lbs

DB Incline Bench Press - I love this exercise. Most upper body exercises I only feel in one muscle or I am limited in weight due to a very weak area. This was not the case for this exercise. I felt it in multiple areas and was able to do a higher weight than I expected.
1X15 @ 12lbs, 2X15 @ 15lbs

Bulgarian Split Squat - The not so evil but still down right dastardly cousin of the lunge. I was very happy that I was able to do a relatively decent set of these in okay form without any pulling or shooting pains (always a plus!).
1X13 w/ BW, 2X10 w/ BW

Negative Chin ups - I tried to use this as the substitute for the lat pulldowns. I quickly realized that I would be going back to pullovers. I managed to do one set that consisted of me, very ungracefully, slowing my rapid decent to the ground!

Pullovers - So negative chin ups were a no go, back to pullovers. Again, I was happy to see that I did not have to lower weights from the last stage despite the increase in reps.
2X15 @ 20lbs

I seem to be starting a trend that I need to stop. I have not been able to finish the last set on the last super set for weeks now. I don't know if it is mental or if I am just physically exhausted. Well, I know I am physically exhausted. Maybe it is a bit of both. Perhaps my brain just needs to push me to finish the last set regardless of how tired my body is. I am afraid that will lead to me doing something stupid though! LOL

Romanian Deadlift - My first set of this was fine but the second set had abysmal form so I will lower the weight next time.
2X15 @ 78lbs

Swiss Ball Lateral Roll - I didn't find the "roll" part of this hard but my neck got really tired and I had a hard time holding my head and body in proper alignment. The second set sucked.

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