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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fat Loss A2

No puking today! My shoulder has been bothering me lately. I have a bone spur in it and every since increasing the amount of weight I am lifting if has gotten progressively worse. Right now it is a dull ache until I turn it in a direction it doesn't like. Then, well...let's just say my kids are learning a few new "sentence enhancers"! (sorry for the Sponge Bob reference)

Today's workout:

Squats - I tried these with the barbell today. I can't keep good form with the barbell in front of my body and I can't lift the barbell up over my head to get it on my back without hurting my shoulder. I have been toying with the idea of getting rid of all weight and working on totally full squats and working my way up to jump squats. I am trying to limit the stress on my shoulder since it has been bothering me.
3X15 @ 48lbs

Bent Row - This does not hurt my shoulder thankfully.
3X15 @ 48lbs

Supine Hip Extension - I can't keep my feet perpendicular to the ball. Hopefully someone will be able to help me figure out where my imbalance is so I can address it.

DB push press - I really like this exercise and so far I can feel it in my shoulder but it doesn't hurt.
3X15 @ 12e

Static Lunge - Have I ever mentioned that these things are evil? No? Then let me go on record right now. THESE THINGS ARE EVIL AND I HATE THEM!
2X10 w/ BW

Swiss Ball Crunch

Lying Leg Raise - I have added these to help strengthen my hip flexors. Right now I can only do 5 reps. :(

I am going to try to get out today and do some HIIT. I was supposed to do it yesterday but it didn't happen. I can not do it right after I lift. Well not without passing out, and I simply do not trust my children enough to risk it! LOL

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