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Monday, April 28, 2008

My reflections on my first fast!

First of all it was really easy. Basically I chose to fast from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. We had dinner around 6 on Saturday night and then I didn't eat again until Sunday around 6pm. (I mention my reasons for choosing that time in yesterday's post.) I really didn't have much in the way of hunger until 3:30 and even then it really wasn't much worse than the hunger I typically get at that time of the day.

It was nice not to think about food. I didn't have to worry about eating every three hours, getting protein with each meal, pairing up a protein with each carb or forcing myself to eat breakfast.

I can't say anything about weight loss yet since it was my first fast. I can say that I am hopeful. The scale read 231 this morning. I had been stuck at 233 forever and since I started taking creatine I was hovering around 235. Not to mention, I typically avoid the scale this time of the month anyways because I am usually up 3 or 4 pounds. So all those things, though not conclusive, are very promising.

It was really such a non-issue that not a single person (except those who read my blog) even knew I was doing it, not even my husband. I didn't really keep it a secret on purpose, more to see if anyone payed that much attention! LOL Even the people at church didn't notice when I didn't have refreshments after service.

My energy level was unaffected, however I did not plan a workout on that day. Next time I will be doing the last NROL Fat Loss 1 workout. That will surely test the energy concern. One thing I noticed was that I did not get an energy slump after I ate dinner that night. I was very alert and even walked the dog an extra mile (much to her dismay!). I did have trouble sleeping that night but I really can't blame that on the fast at this point. I don't exactly have the best sleep patterns.

The biggest PIA, if you can even call it that, was how thirsty I was all day. Even after drinking a ton of water I was still thirsty. I am guessing it was because of the lack of water that I would have normally gotten from my food.

I had originally planned on only doing it one day a week for the first month. Mainly because I am a chicken and figured it would be too hard! LOL But it was so easy, I have decided to do it twice a week instead. Wednesday to Thursday is my next plan.

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