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Friday, April 18, 2008

NROL Fat Loss 1 Workout B3

The only new and exciting revelation of late is that the bar the manufacturer said was 18lbs is actually only 12. So I was not lifting as much as I thought but only by 6lbs. (Maybe I should weight the plates too!!) So the "drop" in weight isn't really a drop; it is just correct! LOL

The workout:

3X12 @92lbs

DB Incline Bench Press - I need to go up in weight, but only slightly. Next time around it will be 17lbs.
3X12 @ 15e

BSS - I'm getting better!
3X12 w/ BW

Pullover - I went down in weight because I really struggled last time but I think I was just having an off day because 15lbs was not challenging enough.
3X12 @ 15

Romanian Deadlift - I found a good weight and really focused on form this time.
3X12 @ 62lbs

Lateral Roll - I guess I have a weak neck because I find it really hard to hold my head straight!

Russian Twist - I finished each set with these because the lateral roll was hurting my neck.

Push-ups - Not a part of the program but I worked them into my last set. I actually did 10 reps in the first set. I was so thrilled!! The second set was 7 but the last one was awful form so 6 is probably a more accurate number.

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