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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I made it ALL the way through

Even the two extra exercises I added. I am very proud of myself. I haven't finished a workout since workout A6 in NROL4W Stage 1. I don't even feel like I am going to puke! I do feel wiped out though! Here is todays workout:

Push-Ups from knees - These are not a part of NROL FL1 but I have a goal I am working towards so I have added them on.
2X6, 1X5

Squat - I changed focus today regarding squats. I have switched to body weight only but ass-2-grass ROM. These were killer. Much harder than parallel squats with 75lbs.
3X12 a2g w/ BW

Bent Row - I was able up the weight today since we went down in reps
1X12 @48lbs, 2X12 @ 53lbs

Hip Extension - I really suck at this exercise. I have the hardest time keeping my feet together. Today wasn't so bad but I couldn't get my hips as high as I should have.

DB push press - I was able to go back up to 15lbs DBs for 2 of the sets.
2X12 @ 15e, 1X12 @ 12e

Step-Ups - Yes, I know that should read "lunge" but I am still having so many problems with the lunge that I switched it out. I still have BSS on workout B so I am not abandoning the motion all together. Today I focused on step ups without using anything to help me up. I still had to push off and I still needed something for balance and my form probably looks like that of a drunken seal BUT I did not use anything to help pull myself up!
1X5, 2X8

Swiss Ball Crunch
1X15, 2X12

Leg Raises - Another exercise I added to help strengthen my hip flexors.

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