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Thursday, April 24, 2008

NROL Fat Loss 1 Workout A5

I got up this morning and decided to give myself another rest day because I was still sore from Monday and Tuesday. However, just as I was getting ready to get in the shower I decided, spur of the moment, to go ahead and workout anyways. Other than my back being a little fatigued everything thing went swimmingly. (How many people caught that pun! :D)

Pushups from knees
1X10, 1X6, 1X4

Squat - After spending a good chunk of yesterday watching Squat Rx on YouTube I had a number of things to watch out for today. These were a bit more challenging. I really have to watch myself on GMing out of the bottom!!!
3X10 w/ BW

Bent Row - Despite my back being fatigued I managed to up my weight a bit and my form was good until the last rep or two on the third set!
2X10 @ 62lbs, 1X8 @ 62lbs

Hip Extension - I don't know if these are just a hard exercise or if I just suck that badly at them but.... THESE SUCK!!

DB Push Press - I thought I would be stuck at 15lbs on these but I was able to up it today. If I was still at 12 rep sets I wouldn't have been able to though.
1X10 @ 17e, 1X8 @ 17e (finished the last two reps with 15e), 1X2 @ 15e, 1X10 @ 15e

Step Ups - I am getting better. That is all I can say! I could really feel these in the top part of my hamstrings today which is good because I almost never feel anything in my hamstrings.
2X10!!! w/ BW

Reverse Crunch
1X20, 1X18

Straight Leg Raises

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