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Monday, April 14, 2008

Eat a Rainbow Everyday

I have been cleaning off my desk today and I uncovered some notes I took at a workshop I attended about a month ago.

Here is a list of what each of the colors of food offer us.

- high in vitamin C which is good for the immune system
- high in lycopene and lutein which protects against clogged arteries and some cancers
- powerful cell protector (stops oxidation)

- anti aging
- anti bacterial
- helps memory

- good for vision
- high in calcium, good for bone and teeth strength
- high in folic acid

- high in vitamin C and beta carotene
- heart healthy
- anti inflammatory
- good for vision health
- boosts immune system

Special notes
- Tomato is the only vegetable whose nutritional profile improves with extended cooking. You get 5 times more nutritional value from a tomato after cooking. (I don't know how true that is but thought it was interesting!)
- Whether fresh, frozen or dried, look for produce that has bright colors and beware of produce that has been artificially colored or ripened.
- Cooking slightly helps to release the nutrients inside the produce.

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