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Monday, March 31, 2008

NRoL4W - Should I continue??

Stage 1 came to a close today!

So here are a few observations that I have made about the last few weeks of NRoL4W.

1. The things that saw significant improvement were Sqauts and Deadlifts. I think the reason for the improvement was less because I got stronger and more because I didn't start with enough weight in the first place. After all I carry around 235lbs so my lower body has some hidden strength from that alone. I did not increase my squat strength by 75lbs. in 6 weeks!

2. The things I made moderate improvement on were Bent Row, Shoulder Press and Pullover. These improvements I do think are strength gains. I was pretty challenged on these from the get go.

3. The things that saw NOT A LICK OF IMPROVEMENT were Push-ups, Step-ups and Lunges. Push-ups, I have a new approach to those and I think that will work well. But Step-ups and Lunges are evil. I am wondering if they are even appropriate exercises for someone that is overweight. If I had improved at all I would not be wondering if this. I need to do some work on my balance! Looking ahead in NRoL4W I am seeing more and more things that I don't feel I should be doing yet.

4. My body image has improved and my posture in much better. I feel stronger even though I am not really all that stronger. I guess I am more confident in my strength.

5. My diet has improved. (As long as you are not counting the last few days!) I am not overly thrilled by all the meat I have been eating but I have not gotten sick from it so that is definitely good. In the past too much animal protein caused my Fibromyalgia to flare up so I was concerned about returning to a carnivorous diet. I would be happy with less soy in my diet but soy protein powder is about all I can have. Pea, rice and hemp protein are either too expensive or too nasty!!!

I am wondering if a program like NROL Fat Loss might be better. I want to lift heavy and workout hard but I feel like I am carrying around too much weight at the moment.

I am coming to the realization that it may be counter productive to try to do a "strength building" program while eating a diet that is focused on weight loss.

I guess I am looking for the most efficient route (not easy, efficient! The most bang for my buck, so to speak.). If I am going to work as hard as I do I want to see the specific results I am looking for. Those would be weight loss, focusing on losing fat and preserving the muscle I have. Increases in strength would be nice but I think I need to turn my focus away from that at the moment.

All things being equal and diet in check, will I see better results from doing a fat loss program (NROL Fat Loss) or a strength building program (NRoL4W) working at a calorie deficit? (And I am talking a reasonable deficit not some crazy 1000 calorie diet, LOL)

I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I am not expecting to drop 10 pounds over night but nothing in 6 weeks?? I have lost a few inches here and there so it hasn't been a total waste of time. Don't get me wrong. I think it is an excellent program and I had a blast doing Stage 1 (well, all except the lunges! LOL). I am just wondering if it is the right one for me to be starting with since my goal and the purpose of the program are different.

When I started NRoL4W I promised myself that I would stick it out. At the same time, I really don't want to work on a program that isn't right for the next 5 months. I think I may be in a better physical position in a few months on a targeted fat loss program to come back to NRoL4W.

I just called the bookstore in Daytona and they have NROL on hold for me. I am going to go get it tonight and look it over. Maybe after I compare the two programs things will be clearer. Or I will still be dumbfounded. Who knows?? LOL

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Sinead said...

I've been wondering the same thing, too. I just started Stage 2 yesterday, but I wonder if I should focus on fat loss first. I have had some great improvements in strength, and I'm seeing results, but I'm not seeing the fat loss results I'd like. If I had $60, I'd switch to Alwyn's Afterburn program. I still might get NROL and switch over to Fat Loss...we'll see how Stage 2 goes.

Good luck to you!