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Thursday, March 6, 2008

NRoL4W stage 1 workout A4

Well I probably shouldn't have, but I worked out today. I feel really good though so I guess it isn't all that bad. I got the flu on Monday which quickly turned into bronchitis because of my asthma. By yesterday everyone in the house had the flu! WooHoo!

Anyways here is my workout today...

Squat 2X12 @45lbs (now that I have form down on this I will be bumping up the weight considerably next time!)

Push-up/45 degrees 2X12 (I was shocked that I did these with such ease! I thought that since I was sick I would totally suck at them today. I will be moving my bar down to 30 degrees for the next workout.)

Bent Row 2X12 @ 58lbs (These were challenging but no more so than last time.)

Step Up 1X12 w/ BW on the bench (I needed assistance with balance so I cheated a little on these but it was a significantly better workout than the sissy little step I had been using.

Jackknife 1X10

As you can see I sort of ran out of steam towards the end. On a normal day I would have pushed myself through the last 2 sets but I figured that since I was still technically sick and probably shouldn't be working out anyways, I wouldn't push it. (more than I already had!)

I am really itching to start HIIT. I was planning on starting this week but then I got sick so I will hold off until next week. I know that HIIT isn't prescribed until Stage 2 but I have 90 pounds to lose so I am going to start it earlier. I figure it will be better than the steady state stuff I would normally do!

Today's Food Log:

Breakfast - steel cut oats with a little brown sugar and golden raisins

PWO - protein shake with soymilk and blueberries

Lunch - hb egg and pb

Snack - turnip and protein bar

Dinner - pasta with marinara and shredded chicken breast

Dinner - protein shake (made with water only, yuck!)

Spark People shows my marcos as

Daily Totals 1,987 cal
47g fat
242g carb
143g protein

That puts me at the very bottom of my calorie range. I had no appetite at dinner so... My percentages were dead-on though!! 50/30/20 (C/P/F)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Hi Frog! Good job on getting back to the workouts. I know how hard that is. Good on the eats too.