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Monday, March 3, 2008

NRoL4W Stage 1 Workout B3

Today did not have a good start. I started having an asthma attack at around 3 am so I got NO sleep. I was finally able to sleep at about 6 and the boys let me sleep until 10am. (It is so nice having self sufficient children. And not having to get up to take them to school helps too!)

I started my day with a banana and a protein bar. Not exactly a breakfast of champions but considering all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and eat nothing it could have been worse!

I decided I was in no mood to workout since I seem to have the cough of a 4 pack a day smoker but as I was getting dressed I had an attack of guilt and put workout clothes on instead. I am really glad I did. My workout was the only time so far today I could actually breathe. Go figure!

So here is what I did. Today was a good day!

Deadlift 1X12 @ 68lbs, 1X12 @ 78lbs (OMG does that actually say 78lbs!!! - I actually just had to walk back over tot he barbell and recount the weights. That ACTUALLY says 78lbs. I never would have believed a month ago I would be able to left 78lbs.)

Shoulder Press 1X12 @ 12lbs, 1X10 @ 12lbs (My shoulders have always been a weak spot for me due to various injuries. I wonder if I will ever have good strength in them??)

Pullover 2X12@ 17lbs (I think I have finally figured out how to keep my shoulder from locking up on this one so I will actually be able to increase my weight a bit. )

Lunge 1X12 w/ BW, 1X10 w/ BW (Have I mentioned previously how much I hate lunges?? Just in case, let me reiterate... LUNGES . F*ING . SUCK!)

Swiss Ball Crunch 2X12 w/ 5lbs over head

Now that I am done my cough is back but my lungs are open enough now that my inhaler might actually help now!

Todays Food Log:

Breakfast - Banana and Protein Bar (20g)

PWO - Spoy Protein powder (25g) with blueberries (1g) and soy milk (6g)

Lunch - Tuna (45.5g), 2 slices whole wheat bread (6g)

Dinner - Ramen Noodles, turnip root and tropical fruit salad.

My "asthma attack" is not an asthma attack. I officially have the plague! LOL I statred running a fever after lunch and it got progressively worse from then on. Which explains the crappy dinner I had.

Spark People says I macros were 242g carb (55%), 24g fat (17%), 124g protein (28%). Not too bad considering. My calories were only 1700 though.

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