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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Painfully Simple

I was talking with someone the other day and mentioned I had just finished working out and that I was tired. She then proceeded to express her concern about how hard I workout. She said that "There are much simpler ways of losing weight." and "That I was going to hurt myself." Oh and let's not forget, "You don't want to get big and bulky like one of those freaky gym guys." (no offense to any freaky gym guys!)

I told her that my workout wasn't just about losing weight. I mean, I could do that and sit on the sofa all day watching TV. I know, I did it!

And I only wish I had the ability to get "big and bulky".

Working out was more about being healthy and being grounded. It was about knowing my body, not only it's weaknesses but also it's strengths. (Something I think the average person doesn't really know.) It is about becoming stronger and healthier. And it is about discipline. Working a little each day toward a goal whether I make good progress or not. It is not about the training volume. It is about the daily practice of bettering myself and my health.

When I realized the conversation was beginning to take a heavy philosophical turn I lightened it up by saying, "Besides, take a look (showing her my log). My workouts are painfully simple." She responded with, "It's the "painfully" part that I don't like!"

After reflecting back on that conversation, I wondered if it was really so natural to shun pain. Surely our paleolithic ancestors didn't avoid running down a wildebeest because their legs might be sore the next day. They accepted the pain was a part of life.

Now I am not talking 'broken bone' pain. I am referring to that 'I just had a killer workout' pain. That pain that lets you know exactly what muscles you have and exactly where they are.

Don't use "pain" as an excuse to avoid exercise. It is a natural biological response to work. And I am talking work of the muscular type.

I don't mind one bit when someone says to me, "I don't exercise because I don't want to." That person is being honest. Is it healthy? Perhaps not but they aren't making excuses to cover up the truth; that they have no desire to do it.

It is those excuses that irritate me.

"I'm too old for that." - Guess what? You're not getting any younger.

"I don't like to sweat." - Neither do I. That is what indoor plumbing it for. Suck it up and shower afterwards.

"I have bad knees." - So do I. Figure out why and do something to fix it.

"I don't have time." - Yes you do. Trust me!

"It is hard to workout with the kids." - Now I will admit with little ones things can get more challenging, especially at that in between, toddler age. But that is what nap times are for. The bigger kids can exercise right along with you. Just think of the excellent roll model you are being. Perhaps they won't be 30 trying to pass off any of these excuses.

"I just don't have any energy for that." - Gee I wonder why? Put down the Doritos and pick up some almonds.

"I can't afford it." - Huh? Is our society really so commercially driven that we think it costs money to make you heart beat faster and your muscles to contract??

Did I miss any?

Feel free to add on if i did!

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