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Consistent practice equals consistent progress.


Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Amazing what a week off can do for you...

Well my week of less than stellar eating has paid off. Now mind you I wasn't too bad but my carbs were WAAAYYY higher than they usually are. (Of course I had a friend point out that just breathing on the bread isle gave me more carbs than normal! LOL) When we got home from our trip I was only up 2 pounds. I expected far more. But that was gone the very next day. Today I hit 210. I haven't been 210 in..... well..... my 2nd trimester with Drake?? Yeah we'll go with that!

I have actually been keeping my carbs higher than usual. My workouts were suffering before my dreaded trip and I had decided to up hem anyways!

Yesterday's workout was rough. I haven't done anything heavy in almost 2 weeks. Boy can I tell!! I reintroduced squats yesterday after my 1 month ban! I did body weight only. I will probably keep it at body weight for a while because I really like walking! LOL My knee only popped once yesterday and that was after sitting at my desk for a couple of hours. SOOOO, so far so good.

I also added back in my beloved deadlifts. My month off from those has cause my numbers to drop again. But I am sure they will recover quickly. I am shooting for 75% of body weight by the end of the year. I might need to bump that up. I can almost do that now!

Still working through the 100 push-ups plan. Although I have gone back to the beginning and switched the type of push-ups. I have gone from knees to incline.

And, as always, KB swings and snatches are a staple. Without them I might have withdrawal! LOL I am such a junky!

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