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Friday, August 29, 2008

Number crunching

I did some number crunching tonight.

Since January I have lost 35 pounds. Not bad for 8 months. That averages about a pound a week so it is on the low side of normal.

But I think what is cool is that at 210 pounds I am wearing the same clothes that I was wearing when I weighed 185 pounds. On top of that my posture is way better, I have muscle and my shoulders are wider.

So for my number crunching...

My body fat has gone down 8%. (I actually think it is more than that but the calculator I am using is all I have to go by.) Based on that, of the 35 pounds I have lost, all but 2 pounds was from fat.

I have reduced my body weight by 15% without starving myself.

I have lost a total of 31.5 inches. Seven of them from my hips, 5 from my waist and 5 from my chest.

And my BMI has dropped 5.5 points. Ironically though, I would have to lose lean body mass in order to be considered a healthy BMI at 20% body fat. And that is to be in the top range of "normal". At my initial goal of 165 with 20% body fat I will still be considered over weight.

So, not bad for 35 pounds, if I do say so myself! LOL

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