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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Little of This and a Little of That...

I have no grand topic inspired post for today so let's make this a "update" post.

I did my second day of the 100 push-ups plan. I did manage to get three more push-ups than required on the last set so I was happy.

My knee is better. I have completely laid off quad work. My workout is based around KB swings and KB snatches, along with the push up program and cardio (SS and HIIT). I am also doing some glute specific and core work here and there and some downright evil stretches. Oh, let's not forget cardio. Have I mentioned how much I hate cardio???

I feel like I should have more on my workout plan but what I have is intense and hard. I think I will resist the urge to add more for a few weeks.

I am having major carb cravings lately but my carbs have been VERY low for the past few weeks so I think I am due for a carb up. I am trying to hold off until Friday though so I can join the boys on pizza night. (We finally found a good gluten free crust!!)

I have finally dropped below 215 (214.2 as of today) and I am ALMOST into about 5 pairs of "new" pants hanging in my closet. I do have a few 16W that I can get into and be sort of comfortable. LOL Shirts are another story. I must be the only woman on the planet that can't lose weight in their boobs. (And before anyone says they wish they had my problem, remember, YOU can probably buy bras IN A STORE. I have to special order them online and pay through the nose for them!) I am wearing a 40 band right now and it is WAAAYY to big. But I am not quite ready for a 36. With my cup size I will need to be in a 36 before I can buy a bra in Target, if I am lucky!

I will be getting my follow-up cholesterol screening done soon (once I get off my lazy butt and go to the lab!) and I am anxious to see the results. My totals were god last time but my good (Thats is HDL right??? Why can I never remember that?) number was very low and my triglycerides were borderline. Since following a keto diet, I am hoping to show much improved numbers.

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